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*Auction Property* Auction Property have now became the latest trend in real estate industrial market, but many people still don't fully understand the process of industrial auctions. In view of this, I hope that through this article, I will dissect the issues related to industrial auctions for the general public, so that everyone can better understand the auction process. The steps of the auction process are as follows: 1) Identification of the property - Before bidding, you must complete the description, address and data collection of the bidding property. 2) Property Inspection - If the property is not a vacant unit, you can observe the external conditions and surrounding environment of the industry in advance before the auction. 3. Pre-register - Check the background and hidden costs of the auction industry and submit your bidding registration to obtain a copy of the auction notice (POS) and auction conditions (COS). 4. Property related inspections - Before the auction, do a good job in all aspects of the industry and seek some relevant legal opinions. 5. Prepare a bank draft - Bidders must prepare a bank draft of 10% of the Reserve Industry's lowest price as a deposit. Be mentally prepared, you need to fill the 10% difference in the final selling price of the property immediately after the bidding process in minutes. 6. Prepare a bank draft - Bidders must be prepared to change the 10% bank draft of the Reserve auction price to a deposit. 7. Auction day registration - Registration must be made on the auction day. All eligible bidders will be given a number plate to facilitate their identification during the bidding process. 8. Win the bid - Sign a sales memorandum (Memorandum). Bidders will be informed at a later time to request a stamped sales memo and contact any bank to arrange bank loan 9. Drop the bid - At no charge, go to the registration counter to retrieve the relevant documents and bank draft
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