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Bandar Utama Batang Kali
Terrace House, Low-Cost House, Land, Detached House, Semi-Detached House, Flat, Cluster House
Taman Tamu Hillpark (Seksyen 4)
Terrace House, Cluster House, Low-Cost House, Semi-Detached House, Land
Taman Tasik Teratai
Terrace House, Land
Antara Gapi
Terrace House, Land, Semi-Detached House, Detached House
Section 4, Puncak Tamu
Terrace House
Taman Desa Hulu Yam
Terrace House, Low-Cost House, Land
Taman Desa Kelisa
Semi-Detached House, Land, Detached House, Residential
Taman Akasia
Desa Sebarau
Terrace House
Taman Desa Kaloi
Detached House, Semi-Detached House, Low-Cost House, Terrace House
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Rent and Sale Prices in Batang Kali

Bedrooms Sale Price Monthly Rent Rental Yield
1 -- -- --
2 269,000 -- --
3 93,067 -- --
4 -- -- --
5 -- -- --
1 -- -- --
2 -- -- --
3 310,412 1,233 4.77%
4 440,733 1,450 3.95%
5 618,750 -- --

Price per Square Foot in Batang Kali

Sector Price per ft2 (Non Landed) Price per ft2 (Landed)
Area Average 47 1,946
State Average 240 2,070
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Batang Kali is a town in the Hulu Selangor of Selangor, Malaysia.  The name Batang Kali comes from the Malay word “batang” (branches) and “Kali” (several times).  It is named after the river which flows past the village. It is approximately 50 metres above sea level  The town is a transit point to the tourist hotspot, Genting Highlands, where a casino and theme park is located. On its own, it is a quaint town with the basic amenities for a regular lifestyle.

The main population here is of Chinese descent and largest practiced religion is Taoism. The main Chinese descent here are from the Hokkien dialect group.  Over time some Malay and Indian families settled here. 

A bit of its history, this village was established in 1952 and was originally known as Kg Baru

Batang Kali. It was one of the villages set up under the Briggs Plan. The strategy of the British authorities was to move the rural population into new villages and to guard such villages closely so that supplies are not provided to the communists insurgents.

A tragic event associated with this village is the massacre of Batang Kali in

1948. This massacre occurred about 5 km from Batang Kali Twenty four innocent villagers were killed. The BBC has broadcast a documentary, “In Cold Blood” on this marked event.

The new township of Bandar Baru Batang Kali (Ligamas) is located in this area. When this area was first established in 1952, there were approximately 600 residents. Over six decades later, its population size is approximately 800 only.  In recent years, many youths have migrated out of this town to urban areas in search of better employment opportunities. Due to this, many residents are either the older villagers or young children.

Accessibility and Transportation

There is a KTM railway station at Batang Kali which makes it convenient for residents who wish to travel to nearby towns or other parts of west Malaysia. The main population earn a living from the local oil palm and rubber estates/smallholdings. Some grow vegetables and potatoes to supplement their income. However, there are also quite a few that operate small businesses such as local coffee shop and food stalls.  Many younger people work in industrial areas not far from town.

Amenities and Facilities

There a few schools for primary and secondary in Batang Kali. However, one in particular stands out for its specific focus. SM Sains Hulu Selangor, loosely translated as a Science Education Secondary School is one that specializes in the training of budding scientists and even won the High School Reward of 2007 in London. Housing is located within developments in Bandar Batang Kali or Ligamas as it is sometimes called. Housing offered in the area is only that of landed property.

One of the government initiatives, is to encourage the locals to work on food business to attract tourists.  Due to its location along the route to Genting Highlands, this could be a boost if attractions are publicized, travellers could be attracted to the stop to explore and buy food products.

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