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Taman Tempua Bistari
Semi-Detached House, Cluster House, Land, Low-Cost House
Taman Bahtera
Terrace House, Condominium/Apartment, Flat, Land
Taman Rajawali (Desa Kalumpang Jaya)
Low-Cost House, Terrace House, Semi-Detached House
Seri Bestari Apartments
Condominium/Apartment, Flat
Kampung Seri Geriang
Land, Detached House, Low-Cost House, Semi-Detached House
Taman Desa Keliang
Semi-Detached House, Low-Cost House
Rumah Murah Kalumpang
Land, Terrace House, Low-Cost House, Detached House
Rumah Murah Hulu Bernam
Low-Cost House, Terrace House
Kampung Gumut
Land, Detached House
Kampung Kandang Lembu
Land, Detached House
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Rent and Sale Prices in Kerling

Bedrooms Sale Price Monthly Rent Rental Yield
1 -- -- --
2 -- -- --
3 -- -- --
4 -- -- --
5 -- -- --
1 -- -- --
2 -- -- --
3 400,000 -- --
4 426,000 -- --
5 -- -- --

Price per Square Foot in Kerling

Sector Price per ft2 (Non Landed) Price per ft2 (Landed)
Area Average 117 2,188
State Average 241 2,066
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Kerling is a small town located in Selangor close to the border separating Selangor from Perak. It is comprised of many tiny villages – Kampung Keliang, Kampung Air Panas, Kampung Sungai Serian, Kampung Kalumpang, Kampung Gumut Tambahan, Kampung Signal, Kampung Pasir Putih and Kampung Jawa. The river Sungai Bernam runs through Kerling. This town was allegedly the capital of a small Hindu empire founded by Kalinga descendants and hence was originally named as Keling. The Keling Empire spanned from Kuala Kubu Bahru to Batang Kali. But this empire was destroyed by the rival Paraiyar Empire and eventually they were both vanquished by the Malay Sultanates.

Places of Attraction

Kerling offers the perfect spot for a family getaway of relaxation and tranquility amidst nature and away from the bustle of city life. Adelia Hill Farm is a private property on 5 acres. It consists of Adelia Villas, a fishing pond, farmyard with deer, ostrich, ducks, peacocks and chicken, a barbecue area and all the luxuries of a modern house. The Sungai Inki waterfall is within walking distance. The Hillview Homestay also gives a traditional village-style experience. As the name suggests, Kampung Air Panas, was named after its Kerling Hot Spring to which families visit seeking a quiet place to have a picnic in the vicinity of a hot water pool for a refreshing dip.

Being off the beaten track yet not too far from Kuala Lumpur (1.5 hours) makes Kerling a hotspot for camping and training activities. The Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre offers various outdoor activities for kids and adults that are aimed at developing team building skills. The Refreshing Springs Resort is another similar riverside escapade that provides a great platform to foster an atmosphere of confidence, trust and creativity to strengthen relationships between coworkers through telematch activities such as wall climbing, water rafting, flying fox, helium stick, alligator swamp, abseiling, paintball and basketball.

The Arulmigu Sri Subramaniar Alayam is popularly visited by devotees experiencing personal problems such as terminal illnesses, conception problems, physical disabilities and many others with the hope of a divine cure or solution. The temple is located on the river banks with a lotus pond beside it. Another popular place of worship in this region is the ancient Kalumpang Chinese Temple, which is supposed to bring good luck to the believers.

Amenities and Facilities

The closest hospital, police station and post office are all located in Kuala Kubu Bahru 10 km from Kerling. Other amenities include schools, SK Kerling and SK Kalumpang; mosques, Masjid Al-Ubudiah, Masjid At-Taqwa Kalumpang and many smaller suraus; and Hindu temples.

Accessibility and Transportation

Kerling can be accessed through Federal Route 1, Federal Route 55 and North-South Expressway Southern Route.

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