More studies needed on proposed JMB nod for foreign tenants


KUALA LUMPUR (May 20): The proposal for foreigners to get approval from the joint management body (JMB) or management corporation (MC) of condominiums before they can rent a unit needs further studies, said past and present resident body representatives.

They welcomed the idea but felt that an in-depth study is needed, including its effect on the rental market and the existing property overhang scenario.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said yesterday that her ministry is planning to introduce a policy requiring foreigners to get approval from JMB or MC before they can rent a home, especially involving stratified residential dwellings, to prevent crimes involving foreigners and improve safety.

She said this would also help JMB or MC to monitor the presence of foreigners and their activities at these places.

JMB chairman for Residensi Infiniti 3, Amiruddin Sahudi, said while the proposal is worth considering, it is also important to get feedback from the people, owners and developers. 

"As we can see, right now the supply of dwellings exceeds demand. Condominiums are springing up like mushrooms after rain but many units are still unsold,” he said, adding that implementing the proposal might add to the woes of the property market.

Former MC chairman of Desa Putra Condo, Stephen Lim, welcomed the proposal but shared Amiruddin’s concern

Lim suggested that the ministry consider compelling foreigners to get a “certificate of good conduct” from reputable people like homeowners, other JMC/MC, religious leaders, judges and Justices of the Peace.

"This certificate will allow the foreigner to find a place to rent as the owners or JMC/MC know the person is reliable and behaves well and will behave the same way to keep his or her certificate for their next property to rent. This certification process is not discriminatory but is on a reference basis," he said.

 Villa Wangsamas MC chairman Ashraf Azraie said the proposal by the ministry is a good move to help check crimes involving foreigners at stratified residences.

"To me, it is a good proposal to enable us to check the status of prospective tenants, whether they are genuine about renting or have ulterior motives,” he said.

Villa Wangsamas former MC secretary Amirussyahri Ahmad also shared the opinion of Ashraf, saying it would give an additional scope to the functions of MC to ensure the harmony of condominium residents.

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