Viral video claiming nozzle not dispensing diesel to be probed

MELAKA (June 7): The Melaka branch of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry will investigate allegations on social media about a diesel-dispensing nozzle of a pump at a petrol station in Taman Merdeka, here, where no fuel oil is dispensed but the meter continues to climb.

Its director, Jaiya Abu, said the officer responsible had been directed to investigate the authenticity of the video.

“We will investigate this matter after receiving the information,” he told Bernama when contacted, here, yesterday.

On Wednesday, a 27-second long video uploaded by Facebook account user by the name Vince Leng, went viral after the user of the social media app claimed that the pump at the station was not dispensing diesel, whereas the reading of the sales volume and the amount of litres of diesel displayed continued to climb, even if the user does not press the trigger on the nozzle.

It is understood that the user had gone to the counter to get an explanation from the owner of the petrol station but the matter has not been resolved so far.

In the comment section of the video in question, other Facebook account users informed that a petrol station of the same company was having similar problems in Bemban, Jasin near here.

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