Aidilfitri reverse exodus gathers steam


KUALA LUMPUR (June 8):  With  the Aidilfitri and school holidays coming to an end, traffic was reported to be slow moving on most major arteries as of midday as more  and more people head back to the Klang Valley.

According to PLUS Trafik; in the south, traffic was slow moving from Skudai to Senai Utara; Kulai (U) rest stop to Sedenak; Sedenak to Simpang Renggam and onwards to Ayer Hitam; Senawang to Port Dickson exit; Pedas Linggi to Senawang (U) lay by;  Simpang Ampat to Pedas Linggi (U) lay by.

Severe congestion is reported at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (both directions) in Johor Bahru .

In the north,  the situation was the same from Simpang Pulai (S) rest stop; Gopeng to Tapah;  Bidor to  Sungkai;  Gunung Semanggol R & R (S) to Taiping; Taiping (U) lay by to Bukit Berapit;  Sungai Perak R & R  to the Menora Tunnel.

As for traffic from the east coast, the situation was the same from Karak to the Bentong toll plaza and Lentang to Bukit Tinggi. 

The latest traffic updates are available on toll-free Plusline 1-800-88-0000 and Twitter at or MHA (Malaysian Highway Authority) line at 1-800-88-7752 and Twitter at

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