Corus Hotel embraces 'King of Fruits', to open first permanent durian buffet

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 15): While the majority of hotels in the country shudder at the prospect of having a durian party, for Corus Hotel (pictured) located in Jalan Ampang here, the presence of Malaysia’s “King of Fruits” in its premise is most welcomed and embraced upon.

Not only you will not see “no durian allowed” signs at the hotel, Corus, in fact, is investing RM100,000 to create “one of a kind” special place to house a permanent durian buffet to satiate the taste buds of its adventurous customers.

“Well everyone loves durian, locals and tourist, and durian is very much Malaysian, so what better way to offer the durian when they are staying in the hotel”

“As Malaysia’s durian is touted as the best in the world, we should not take it for granted and market it that way…Even the government also is now planning to go big on durian tourism,” said Corus’ owner Andrew Khoo Boo Yeo to Bernama.

The hotel he said, plan to open the durian buffet seven days a week, all year round, beginning on Merdeka Day, Aug 31, 2019.

Corus’ durian buffet he said, could include durian confectionaries and pastries of between 10 to 12 desserts, such as durian cakes, ice creams, coffee, biscuits and other things related to the spiky but pungent-smell fruit.

According to Khoo, the thinking behind “out of the box” idea was to provide a special place where the hotel’s customer could experience the joy of having a durian buffet in the comfort of the hotel.

How is he going to realise his idea, especially between satisfying the need of durian lovers and keeping those “haters” in the safe distance

“Well our coffee house area and our main lobby area are quite large, so we just need to allocate space. So here’s the deal, the durian buffet at the coffee house will have a separate allocated and zoned off.

“It will not be fresh durians, hence the smell will be minimal.

However, we are looking to create a special self-enclosed air-conditioned room for durian lovers to have fresh durian in the comfort of the hotel,” he said.

Well, you saw it, there will not be fresh durian in the durian buffet.

Khoo said the hotel would have a durian tasting room, drawing inspiration from the cigar or wine tasting room.

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