TNB loses millions of ringgit due to storm in Kedah

ALOR SETAR (Aug 16): Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) suffered losses of millions of ringgit due to the storm on Friday, which damaged its poles and electric wires in the State.

Its general manager Wan Ishak Soed said most of the damage was caused by fallen trees that crushed the poles and snapped wires.

He, however, did not specify the amount of the loss.

“Kedah TNB has also received 3,079 public complaints of power disruption during the storm that occurred last Friday.

“However, TNB managed to resolve all the complaints within three days,” he said at a dialogue programme for Kedah’s prosperity, here yesterday.

Wan Ishak said, most of the complaints received were on power failure in Pulau Langkawi and Sungai Petani.

In order to carry out operations to restore the electricity supply, they had sought additional reinforcements from other States including Perak, Melaka and Selangor.

“In the event of poles crashing down amid a tangle of live wires, I advise people not to take action on their own but to immediately report to TNB via 15454, because we can’t see current and it is dangerous,” he said.

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