Scheduled water disruption for Kota Tinggi, Simpang Renggam from Sept 2

JOHOR BAHRU (Aug 25): Scheduled water disruption will be applied in Kota Tinggi and Simpang Renggam from Sept 2 in light of the deteriorating level of raw water at the intake gates for the Sungai Gembut and Simpang Renggam water treatment plants.

Johor International Trade, Investment and State Utilities Executive Council chairman Jimmy Puah Wee Tse attributed the situation to the hot and dry weather.

"In Kota Tinggi, the Sungai Gembut plant cannot operate normally and is only able to treat water minimally.

"So Ranhill SAJ Sdn Bhd proposes the scheduled water disruption approach based on a 24 hours supply and 48 hours disruption beginning Sept 2," he said in a statement today.

He said the water level at Sungai Gembut has reached -0.87 metres, below the 0.00m critical level.

Puah said the Sungai Gembut disruption exercise would be divided into three zones involving 5,246 accounts.

Zone A covers Bandar Perani, Felda Bukit Aping (Timur, Barat), Gembut Cina, PPRT Kampung Sayang, Pekan Tanjung Sedili, Kampung Tuan Seh and Taman Tuan Seh.

"Zone B include Sedili Kecil; Kampung Belukar Durian; Telok Mahkota; Resort Sedili Kecil; Kampung Sri Gading Laut, Dalam; Kampung Sri Paya; Kampung Mawai Baru, Lama; Kampung Selangi Batu 9 Jalan Mersing, Jalan Mawai and Teluk Mahkota," he said.

Zone C include Kampung Gembut; Kampung Singapura; Kampung Sentosa; Kampung Teluk Jeri Luar, Dalam; Taman Sedili; Legaran Air Gemuruh; Kampung Sayang; Pekan Sedili Besar; Kampung Teluk; Kampung Perepat; Kampung Semayong; Kampung Nelayan; and Kampung Tanjung.

Other areas in Zone C are Kampung Tengah, Kampung Bukit, Kampung Temala, Kampung Teluk Nyireh, Jeti Che Pong and Perumahan Felcra.

Puah said the Simpang Renggam plant which obtained its raw water from the Machap dam caters to Pekan Simpang Renggam, Layang-layang and utara Pontian, involving 25,894 consumers.

He said the water level at its intake gate has receded to 4.76 metres towards the critical level of 4.42m.

In this regard, the disruption will follow a frequency of 36 hours supply and 36 hours disruption throughout Jalan Benut -Pontian, Jalan Parit Betak, Benut, Jalan Parit Ismail, Jalan Madirono-Makasar, Jalan Parit Panjang, Sanglang and Ayer Baloi, Pulai Sebatang.

Also affected are sections of Api-api, Mukim Renggam, Mukim Ulu Benut, Mukim Machap (excluding Batu Pahat administrative district) and along Jalan Johor-Simpang Renggam.

The scheduled disruption will be halted when the water level rises to enable normal operation, the exco said.


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