Time’s Gig Speed Home: The FTTR you never knew you needed

You may have heard of Time Internet’s Kabel Besar, but let’s get straight to the new new – Gig Speed Home with FTTR technology. 

POV 1: After dinner, you settled on the couch to watch Brad Pitt's war epic Fury – more comfortable to watch the two-hour long movie via home streaming than in the theatre, you thought. But way past midnight, you were still 47 minutes and 36 seconds from the end, as Pitt’s face froze mid-sentence on the screen yet again because your internet speed was so-o-o-o slow-w-w-w …

What could you have done? Get Kabel Besar connections by Time Internet.

POV 2: Way before Coldplay’s concert tickets open for pre-queueing at 9am, your three laptops, two iPads and two mobile phones were all set up. You were so ready to score those tickets. By 1pm, all tickets were sold out, but your page was still loading at 50% … But the part that really made you go “Aaaaargh!!!”? Your friend, who only used one device, managed to complete the purchase within 28 minutes after sale started. 

What did she have that you didn’t? Gig Speed Home by Time Internet.

POV 3: You were at a Zoom meeting with an important client together with your bosses. Suddenly your sister-in-law and her kids dropped by for a visit, and you had to move to a quieter spot in the upstairs room to continue your presentation. You got your quietness alright, but that’s because you couldn’t hear anything else apart from your own “Can you hear me?” Your line had dropped. 

What did you need? FTTR service from Time Internet. 

Super duper fast speed

You may have heard of Time Internet’s Kabel Besar, but let’s get straight to the new new – Gig Speed Home with FTTR technology. 

As the name implies, Gig Speed Home (FTTR) lets you experience ultra-fast broadband, so you can surf smoothly, stream steadily and slay swiftly to win that crucial point on your League of Legends battles. You get to enjoy speeds up to 1Gbps simply by adding Gig Speed Home (FTTR) to your existing home Time Internet subscription.   

And what’s FTTR? Short for Fibre-to-the-Room, this cutting-edge technology is a step-up from the FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) that most broadband providers supply currently. Compared to the latter, FTTR brings fibre straight to every room (literally!) so you get low latency and high bandwidth even while … well, multi-tasking in the toilet, not just where your router is placed. 

Made possible through Huawei’s FTTR technology, Gig Speed Home is implemented by carefully laying out micro optical fibre into designated spaces so every nook and cranny of your home receives high-speed internet access. 

Strong and clear connections in every room

You probably think your mesh WiFi solution is good enough – well, you can catch at least three signal bars in your room – so how does FTTR differ from it?

The fact is, what the mesh device in your room gets are rebroadcasted internet signals from the main router, much like hand-me-downs, so the quality is compromised. That’s why you find the more the signal bounces, the weaker the connection is.  

In contrast, each FTTR satellite device installed around the house is connected with a direct line to the parent node, so you get exactly the same powerful and consistent connection as what you get in the living room.  

In short, with FTTR, you can conduct your online seminar upstairs while your wife livestreams her homemade cookies for sale downstairs and your son competes in esports with his friends in his room – all at the same time – with no break-offs for any line at all. 

Low latency, smooth handovers 

Powered by 100% fibre and WiFi 6 technology, Gig Speed Home (FTTR) can connect up to 128 devices at one go, without throttling the overall internet speed. 

With latency under 20ms, you can also roam from room to room effortlessly, with smooth handovers you won't even notice. Yes, that means the next time you need to queue for a concert ticket, you can answer nature calls without losing your chance to grab that opening. 

Minimalist elegance

Employing Huawei’s FTTR F30 Series routers, Gig Speed Home (FTTR) doesn't just equip your home with first-class connection, but a five-star look too.

Firstly, the cables are very thin – in fact, near-invisible, so they can be positioned anywhere inconspicuously, so no more unsightly wires coiling up like snakes on your walls or hogging multiple plug points for all your nodes. 

Secondly, with its multiple antennae stored internally in sleek-looking devices, which can either be placed on shelves or mounted to walls, Gig Speed Home sports a minimalist elegance that complements any home styling. It’s like giving your home a network makeover without the mess of tangled wires.

Early-bird promotions

All these value upgrades may sound costly, but the cherry on top is that you can take advantage of the early-bird promo that starts from only RM55 per month (for 24 months) on top of your existing Time Internet base plan. 

For new users who sign up for the Kabel Besar broadband plans under Time Internet now, you can add FTTR to your subscription plan as well. 

Greater power with Kabel Besar 

Time’s Kabel Besar plans start from 100Mbps all the way up to 2Gbps! And for a limited time, you can enjoy 500Mbps at RM99 for the first 6 months. So, whether you are a single user, professional gamer, K-Drama fan or big-family user, Time’s got you covered. 

With the current promotion, if you sign up for any package now on time.com.my/for-home, you get your first month free! However, do note that FTTR add-ons are only available for the 500Mbps and 1Gbps plans for now. 

Enjoy seamless speed and professional FTTR setup by Time’s team of experts – zero hassle, zero installation cost.

For more information on Gig Speed Home with FTTR, visit https://www.time.com.my/for-home/gig-speed-home.

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