City & Country: ‘Property market stable’

The year 2010 is the Year of the Metal Tiger. It is called the ©°±G year where the character ©° (geng) is the heavenly stem of yang metal. The Chinese character of ±G (yin) is the earthly branch of yang wood. When these two characters are combined, the end-result is Metal Tiger. The Chinese character used for metal is ª÷, which is the same for gold.

This is a time of greatness and abundance, much of which is the culmination of past achievements. The work of previous years will now bear fruit. One will need to concentrate on building wealth in preparation for leaner times. This is also a good time to consider long-term investments as it will be the start of another cycle of building wealth. There is still a need for caution, however. Be defensive in your undertakings or there may be legal suits against you.

As this is the pinnacle of past achievements, it also means that there can be no further growth. Hence, wealth protection will need to be considered seriously as soon as you have reaped the benefits.
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Strong leadership
The hexagram of Lei Huo Feng also means “the king has arrived”. This is interpreted as the imminent arrival of a strong leader or leaders. Unfortunately, this also signals volatility as new leaders bring change. Once these changes have been put in place, the situation will be more stable and prosperous.  

Industries to watch
This Year of the Tiger has strong wood and fire elements, which benefit the timber, plantation, electronics and computer businesses. The downstream activities of these major industries should also do well. Other industries that should do well this year are education, telecommunications, beauty and skincare.

The property sector will be quite stagnant but values will not fall. The mining sector will face natural calamities, causing shortage of certain minerals and metals. The drop in supply will correspond with a drop in demand, resulting in an overall flat situation.

Natural calamities
This is a year of much geological movements. The thunder in the hexagram means that many disasters will come without warning and these disasters are from fire in the earth; volcanoes and earthquakes. There is also a likelihood of danger from fire.

The Tiger year is still all right for investment in properties but one needs to be selective. The general forecast for the property market is one of maintenance of value, with little upward movement. The good news is that the property market is stable and not dropping. The investment choice is landed property for longer-term gain as the portent for land over the next few years is still good.

Health ailments this year will centre around the liver, heart and limbs. As this is a stressful year, do not drink too much and watch your diet. Make sure you go for regular medical check-ups and if you feel something is wrong, seek medical treatment quickly. People born in the Year of the Monkey of 1944 and 2004 will be more susceptible to liver problems and those born in 1968 will be more likely to have chest pains.


The year 2010 will be slightly better than 2009 overall. This is a year that is good for reaping the profits of ventures that were entered into previously. Any ventures started this year must have strong leadership to succeed as there will be severe resistance and obstacles in the beginning. Perseverance and focus will help you overcome obstacles.

Feb 4-March 5, 2010
This is a good month. There may be some confusion in the beginning but everything will come to a peaceful and smooth conclusion. This month is good for real estate, agriculture and agricultural product industries.

March 6-April 3
This is a time for cooperation and unity. You will need to find a partner to further your goals. Share what you have and it will be returned. However, beware of partners and friends who may turn around to harm you. Travel is imminent.

April 5-May 5

There will be many difficulties for businesses. There are many obstructions to the extent that progress may halt altogether. This is the time to take stock, to consider maintaining what you have; to protect your wealth and resources. Fortunately, a guide will appear to show the way to a change for the better.

May 6-June 5
The fourth month is considered to be very good. One can move forward without hesitation. There will be many guides and benefactors along the way. There will be fame and fortune.

June 6-July 6
This is a positive month. There will be support from the people around you. What you have to do is to continue whatever you are doing and follow the trend. However, do not become complacent as there is a danger of being cheated. Also, do not over-indulge in drinking and socialising or you may attract peach blossom luck.

July 7-Aug 7
This is a good month for business. Make sure that all business is conducted in a proper manner, otherwise legal issues will crop up. You must seek to avoid lawsuits as you will be more likely to lose and the repercussions will be severe.

Aug 8-Sept 7
Many obstacles will arise and may possibly harm you. You will need to remain calm and exert your people skills to overcome the obstructions. Heed the advice of your friends as they are your natural benefactors.

Sept 8-Oct 7
Volatility best describes this month. Do not react spontaneously but deliberate before making decisions. Humility is the key to success. Take good care of your health.

Oct 8-Nov 6
This month will encourage endeavours where you work with others. Partnerships and joint ventures will perform well. This is also the time to make authoritative decisions. It is also suitable for travelling.

Nov 7-Dec 6
The month offers many opportunities and is ideal for wealth building. Much gains can be made this month from minimal outlay. Act decisively and quickly as opportunities come and go quickly.

Dec 7-Jan 5, 2011
This is considered a very lucky month. Whatever bad luck you had earlier will turn for the better. This month is especially good for travelling overseas.

Jan 6-Feb 3
This is a month that is good for the employee and the employer. Both will succeed as long as they share the same goal. There will be fame and recognition.

Grandmaster Datuk Yap Cheng Hai and his son Master Yap Boh Chu are from Yap Cheng Hai Academy

This article appeared in City & Country, the property pullout of The Edge Malaysia, Issue 793, Feb 15-21, 2010.

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