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EPIQ Know the market, before the market

Your centralized platform to make property investment decisions

Easily Visualise the Data

Identify opportunities

Analyze millions of data points (50% proprietry) and filter by hundreds of data indicators including yields, capital gains, demographics and more

Analyze trends

View the Malaysian residential property market using the heatmap

Manage risk

With access to the most up to date supply, demand and price data, you can increase risk awareness in your portfolio

Sort and compare the data

Filter data

Sort the data by location, then select different market indicators.

Display your findings

Organise the data using bar charts, scatter plots, line graphs, and a table view.

Compare areas/projects

Compare multiple areas throughout KL, Selangor, Penang and Johor residential property market to identify patterns, opportunities and risks.

Present the data to stakeholders

Create presentations

Build PDF documents based on your data to present to internal/external stakeholders.

Re-assure the board

Easily prove your case with our detailed area and projects analysis.

Support investment hypothesis

Gain certainty with 5 years of independent data which is updated monthly.

Start making better property investment decisions today