Property For Sales Or Rent In labuan, Malaysia


Property For Sales Or Rent In labuan, Malaysia

Labuan, one of three federal territories of Malaysia, is situated off the West coast of Sabah. It is an archipelago consisting of the main Labuan Island and six smaller islands, namely, Daat, Papan, Burung, Big Rusukan, Small Rusukan and Kuraman. Labuan is a derivative of the Malay word 'labuhan' meaning harbour. Bandar Labuan (formerly Victoria) is the capital.

The downfall of the Majapahit Empire in the 14th century resulted in Labuan being ruled by the Bruneian Empire from the 15th century until Brunei ceded it to Britain in 1846. After that, it went through many changes: 1848 – became a Crown Colony, 1890 – was annexed to British North Borneo, 1906 – joined Straits Settlements, 1941 to 1945 – was governed by the Japanese 37th Army (renamed as Maida Island), April 1946 – annexed to Singapore, July 1946 – joined North Borneo Crown Colony, August 1963 – gained self-governance, September 1963 – became a part of Malaysia under the state of Sabah, 1984 – was released from Sabah to form a Federal Territory and in 1990 – became an international offshore financial centre and free-trade zone. Under British control, during 1847-1912, extensive coal mining took place in Labuan.

Labuan has a richly diverse ethnic community which includes, dominant Brunei Malay & Kedayan, Kadazan-Dusun, Bajau, Murut, Chinese and Indian to form a population of 96,800. Brunei-Kedayan Malay dialect (Labuan Malay dialect) is widely spoken along with English and Hokkien. Islam is the principal religion in practice.

It has a flourishing economy as a result of petroleum and gas export. The presence of service sectors such as finance, insurance & real estate and major businesses such as international offshore banking, steel mills, a methanol plant, floor tile production unit and flour mills brings in a huge revenue.

Attractions in Labuan

Attractions in Labuan include, World War II sites – Labuan War Cemetery, Allied Landing Point and Japanese Surrender Park; Kampung Air (Water Village) – wooden houses built on stilts above water with interconnecting walkways between the buildings; Bird Park, Labuan International Golf Club, Jamek An-Nur Mosque, Labuan Square and lovely beaches with crystal clear waters. Labuan also attracts tourists for various activities such as duty-free shopping with a year-end month long shopping carnival, sophisticated offshore banking services for the rich and famous, world class sport fishing, International Sea Challenge (Underwater Treasure Hunt, Jet Sport Challenge, Cross Channel Swim Challenge and Big Game Fishing Tournament) and wreck diving with four wrecks off the coast of Labuan.

Labuan offers a plethora of seafood choices. It is also popular for various desserts such as Jelurut – sweet rice flour cake made with coconut milk, Punjung – banana leaf cones with green jelly-like filling made from rice flour and Pulut Panggang – glutinous rice and dried shrimp wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.