Kota Tinggi, Freehold, RM200,000/ Acres

JALAN KOTA TINGGI, Kota Tinggi, Johor
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Agricultural Land - BR Bbuiltup- sqft (built up)land15 acre (land)builtupRM - (built up)landRM 200,000/acre (land)


Property Type
Agricultural Land
Listing Type
For sale
Listing ID
Land Area
15 acre
Land area/acre
RM 200,000/acre


Estate : Johor
Location : Kota Tinggi
Land size : 15 Acres
Tenure : Freehold
Bumi/Inter : International Lot
Owner : Chinese
Land Located : 2nd Layer
Land Type : Agricultural
Planting : Oil palm tree
Years of tree : 8 Years
Harvest : Yes
Soil Type : Yellow soils
Topography : Flat land & Slightly slop land
Electric Source : Can apply (TNB)
Water Source : Can apply (SAJ)
Distance From Main Road : Tar road to land (200M)
Gated & Guard : N/A
Accessibility by : Normal Car

Asking Price : RM200,000/ Acres

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