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How to make authorities hear your concerns on new developments

In Malaysia, it is not uncommon to hear of protests against proposed developments, such as new high-rise, urban renewal or transportation infrastructure projects, when the affected community perceives them to be detrimental to the neighbourhood with over-population or negative impacts on life quality or the environment. 

High time to regulate conduct of building inspectors

Building surveyors (BS), or more commonly recognised as building inspectors (BIs), is a relatively new profession which was introduced to Malaysia back in 2000. Back then, not many people or industry players were aware of the roles and functions of this new profession.

The REAL deal: Of Elon Musk and Tesla tiny homes

Elon Musk is hot news. When rumours surfaced that he had unveiled a US$15,000 sustainable Tesla home, of course, the news went viral. Netizens quickly dubbed it “the home of tomorrow”.

High Court caps liquidators' fees at RM1,000

The National House Buyers Association (HBA) has time and again reminded the housing minister and those under the ministry’s charge on the need to rein in the conduct of those so-called court-appointed officers, namely liquidators.

HOC should only be for affordable properties

Malaysia is facing a unique housing problem.  On one hand, the median property prices are too high and are beyond the mass population's affordability. As a result, even middle-income groups, not to mention the lower-income groups, find it almost impossible to buy their first homes.