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Top 5 place-making elements in a township

The aim of place-making is to make a common or public space so interesting that it draws people to it. It must have elements that make the space attractive, comfortable and pleasant enough to make them visit or spend time in the space.

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What are the trends shaping our homes?

Looking ahead, changes in our lifestyles will also create new trends that shape a new landscape in property development including in the planning of new townships where their various components will have to consider market needs and trends, both current and in the foreseeble future. Nevertheless, some trends may stay, some may evolve and others will fizzle out.

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New townships are redefining location

Some of the first master-planned townships in once-distant parts of the Klang Valley have become home to many families and properties and have seen their values grow over time, to the delight of their initial buyers.