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000_rx6ca.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Chinese skiers cool off at world’s largest indoor ski park

Lifestyle Sep 20, 2017

It was a hot summer afternoon in Harbin and tourists strolled cobblestone streets with the Chinese city's famous milk popsicles in hand. But indoors, it was perfect weather for skiing.

Move over Disney, Mexico plans Mayan theme park

Lifestyle Sep 19, 2017

The park, dubbed Amikoo — or "friend" in the Mayan language — will have rides and characters based on Mayan.

000_s46h3.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Shanghai temple moves 2,000-tonne hall on rails

Lifestyle Sep 19, 2017

The main hall and statues of a century-old Buddhist temple in central Shanghai have been moved 30m on rails to ease crowding at the popular site.

000_sc3ty.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Japan: the land of a thousand conveniences

Lifestyle Sep 17, 2017

Welcome to Japan, where hospitality and customer service form part of the country’s DNA.

hv0617_6_linghao.jpg by Linghao Architects for The Edge

Transcendental habitation

Lifestyle Sep 09, 2017

Sarawak-born architect Ling Hao makes his mark on the industry, building an everyday world by recalibrating scale and redefining the relationship between the interior and the exterior.

000_rs84t.jpg By AFP for The Edge

End of the line for Cambodia's homegrown 'Bamboo Train'

Lifestyle Sep 08, 2017

The days for Cambodia's one-of-a-kind "Bamboo Train" are numbered.

000_rs9vk.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Fear and sweating in Pakistan's hottest cities

Lifestyle Sep 07, 2017

Scientists have warned that swathes of South Asia may be uninhabitable due to rising temperatures by 2100.

russia_rooftop_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

Rooftop tours offer fresh look at Saint Petersburg

Lifestyle Sep 07, 2017

The rusty rooftops of Russia's tsarist-era capital, with its romantic skyline of elegant onion domes and pre-revolutionary buildings, have long been a coveted destination for illegal excursions.

brazilwizards_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

Castle brings fantasy to life for Brazilian wannabe wizards

Lifestyle Sep 05, 2017

Although inspired by the world of the "Harry Potter" books and films created by J.K. Rowling, where lucky children go to study at the magical school Hogwarts, the Brazilian version says its curriculum has a definite local flavour.

beirut_art_1_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

Street art brings colour to rundown Beirut suburb

Lifestyle Sep 01, 2017

Artists taking part in the "Ouzville" project have painted walls in brilliant blues, reds, yellows and greens, adorning others with enormous murals, doodles, and cartoon characters.