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liftaafp.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Ghost village perched in Jerusalem's hills may soon vanish

Lifestyle Nov 20, 2017

A village on Jerusalem's hillside may soon be transformed forever.


From luxe villa bookings to property management

Lifestyle Nov 17, 2017

 Their customers come from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia.

anne_frank_afp.jpg by AFP for

Anne Frank foundation buys her family home in Amsterdam

Lifestyle Nov 17, 2017

The home in southern Amsterdam formerly belonged to a housing corporation which had said it could no longer assume responsibility for its upkeep.

delshismog_afp.jpg by AFP for

Delhi smog shortening lives, say doctors as hospitals fill up

Lifestyle Nov 14, 2017

"Whatever toxins levels we are exposed to today, suppose it continued for 10 days, this would have shortened the life of each one of us by several days or several weeks.”

grebnevo_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

Russia's pre-Revolutionary estates crumble in neglect

Lifestyle Nov 14, 2017

Most of these places passed through the Soviet era as various state institutions. Some were turned into museums. 

bucharestchurch_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

How churches were lifted to safety in communist Bucharest

Lifestyle Nov 13, 2017

At least 10 jewels of Romania's religious heritage from the 16th to 19th centuries survived due to an engineering tour de force: they were moved and hidden away. 

000_tu4f3.jpg By AFP for The Edge

In desert of Oman, a gateway to life on Mars

Lifestyle Nov 05, 2017

A crew of European test astronauts is laying the groundwork for a Mars simulation in the barren expanse of the Omani desert.

000_tv850.jpg AFP for The Edge

Taking on tycoons, five residents bid to buy Scottish island

Lifestyle Nov 04, 2017

The Isle of Ulva was put on the market this year after decades of ownership by an aristocratic family.

000_tu35r.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Singaporeans with appetite for destruction get 'rage room' relief

Lifestyle Nov 03, 2017

The room lets stressed-out people take a baseball bat to items ranging from glass bottles to televisions.

000_tn5we.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Croatian village gives shelter to abandoned bears

Lifestyle Nov 02, 2017

Croatia's brown bears that are unable to survive in the wild are finding a new home in the country's only sanctuary for the furry natives.