Bandar Putra IOI

Jalan Segamat, Segamat, Johor

About this project

Bandar Putra IOI, Segamat (BPIS), located 7 KM from the town centre of Segamat, is a township developed by IOI Properties Group Bhd. starting in 1995 and due to be completed in 2020. A multi-racial middleclass residential township, it has had various phases of development that has seen 1 and 2 storey terraced houses, low cost 2 storey homes, semi-detached houses, and 2 and 3 storey shop lots built here over the years. It is surrounded by Bandar Segamat Baru in the West, a large industrial section in the South, palm oil estates in the East, and Sungai Kenawar with huge agricultural lands in the North. Built as a self-contained satellite town, its commercial centre near its southern border has not really flourished much. Many shops are still left vacant with the ones occupied not doing so well business wise while at the same time not offering many choices in terms of products and services. The commercial centre nearby it in Bandar Segamat Baru is doing a bit better but still not really flourishing either. Even opposite to this area across the main road of Jalan Segamat, Bandar Bukit Siput isn’t doing too well also with few businesses running there. Meanwhile the housing sections in BPIS have roads that are unkempt, with poor greenery and are dusty although they are wide and spacious with not so green buffer zones. But the commercial area, one or two kilometers before the bridge that crosses Sungai Segamat, is bustling with many busy shoplots on both sides of Jalan Genuang (which becomes Jalan Segamat further out of town). Segamat town centre is in itself a hive of business activity with many choices of retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and etc. Amenities & Faciltities
Because the commercial areas within and near to BPIS are not so successful plus the fact that Jalan Genuang before the Segamat River and Segamat town itself is packed with all types of businesses, most residents of BPIS tend to get most of their dining needs met, shopping and business transactions done, not at BPIS, but instead at these two other areas. Banks like Bank Rakyat, CIMB, RHB, Bank Simpanan, Public Bank, Maybank, Alliance Bank, OCBC and Hong Leong Bank can be found along Jalan Genuang close to Segamat town. Billion Shopping complex, Nirvana Supermarket, 7-Eleven, Cosway, AIA, Amway, and Samsung are some of the more famous businesses found near here. Hotels, car dealers, motorbike shops, clinics are also located along this main road. At BPIS there is a Petron petrol station, pharmacy, a 7-Eleven store and few other businesses besides a Fire and Rescue station, while Segamat Hospital is located near the entrance to this township from Jalan Seagamat. Schools like SMKA Segamat, SMK Bandar Putra, SJK (C) Jargon Segamat, SK Bandar Putra, are located within or adjacent to this area while colleges like Kolej Vokasional Segamat and Kolej Komuniti Segamat are also situated in key positions in this mixed residential scheme. Accessibility & Facilities
Jalan Putra is the main road running through the centre of BPIS from North to South while linking up with the road that branches off and leads into this township from Jalan Segamat. Jalan Putra 1/5 links up Jalan Segamat further up the road while a Jalan Putra 1/44 leads westwards to and connects BPIS with Bandar Baru Segamat. Jalan Segamat which becomes Jalan Genuang as it gets closer to Segamat town passes through townships like Labis, Sungai Chuah and Yong Peng before linking up with the North-South Highway heading towards Johor Baru. There are neither any bus services from Segamat town to BPIS nor any bus service within this township.
Property Type
Terraced House
Built up
226 sqft - 52948 sqft
Transacted Price
RM 12,000 - RM 3,697,900


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Past Transactions

Transaction DateAddressBuilding TypeFloorsLot SizePrice PsfPrice

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Profitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 270 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
07 Oct 1922 Feb 203,854 ft²13012710,0005.5
25 May 1512 Feb 201,507 ft²19914680,0006.8
29 Apr 1310 Feb 201,539 ft²292136240,00011.9
21 Jan 1216 Jan 201,539 ft²1309160,0004.6
02 Dec 1313 Jan 201,539 ft²286175170,0008.3

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 265 more profitable transactions.

Unprofitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 134 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
20 Jun 1914 May 203,197 ft²187187--
29 May 1808 Oct 191,539 ft²136143-10000-3.4
03 Mar 1419 Sep 191,539 ft²162175-18900-1.3
30 Nov 1816 Jul 191,399 ft²250250-100-
30 Jul 1820 Jun 193,197 ft²187187--

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 129 more unprofitable transactions


  • Down Payment (10%)RM 0
  • Loan Amount (%)RM 0
  • Tenure Years0 Years
  • Interest Rate0%
  • Loan Amount 90%
  • Down Payment 10%
Monthly Installment

RM 0±

Mortgage Provided by Hong Leong Bank

Maintenance Fees

RM 0 ±

RM 0 psf (0 sq ft)

Total Monthly Expenses

RM 0±


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