Kampung Sungai Merab

off Jalan Sungai Merab, Kajang, Selangor

About this project

Pangsapuri Suasana [email protected] Kajang is situated along Jalan Sungai Merab, Off Jalan Ayer Hitam in Kampung Sungai Merab, Kajang, Selangor. The property is an ideal investment for people with a job-centric lifestyle as the development is situated in a major industrial area. The location of the property is appropriate for people who don't want to commute to a longer distance for their work. The property Pangsapuri Suasana Idaman is located in Kajang which is an ancient town that was founded in 1807 and is only 20km away from the capital city. This modern town still has some reminiscent from its colonial era. Its property is contributed to the coffee and rubber plantation estates that were started by the Britishers. The highlight of the town is the bustling Old Town which is the heart of Kajang. One of the well visited places is the Stadium Kajang. It is situated at the centre of the town and hosts community football matches all year round. It can accommodate 5000 people at once. Painted bright yellow, the Masjid Kajang is touted as the jewel of the town. This famous mosque can be spotted from afar due to its golden hue, and it arranges many Islamic Cultural activities at night. This town has been nicknamed as "The Satay Town" by the locals. It is a magnificent palace to visit for food enthusiasts as it has many famous restaurants and an entire museum dedicated to Satay- a skewered and barbequed delicacy. The building of Pangsapuri Suasana Idaman is located in a very commercial area, so there won't be any issue regarding transportation. Public transportation includes several bus stops, taxi stands and train stations nearby. Even for people with private vehicles transportation is easy employing North-South Highway and Jalan Ayer Hitam. As there are a number of communication options available here, making an easy escape to any part of the city won’t be a difficult affair at all. Pangsapuri Suasana Idaman is in proximity to several amenities like religious places, clinics, eateries, mini markets and shopping malls. One of the important hospitals in the area is Serdang Hospital that is located nearby. The Mydin Wholesale Emporium Bazar Putrajaya is just at a walking distance. Some of the most popular schools and colleges in the area are Putrajaya Prresint 14(1) Primary and Secondary Schools, Sungai Merab Luar National School and Sungai Merab Luar Religious School. In short, you children will get the best quality education. There are several facilities provided by Pangsapuri Suasana Idaman for its residents. There is a twenty-four hours security provided to make sure that the safety of the residents is not compromised. Guarded personals do not allow any unauthorised intrusion and the strangers are thoroughly checked. The car parks are big enough to accommodate all the vehicles of the residents and are well covered to protect them from the natural elements. For the fitness conscious there is a gymnasium and fitness centre within the building. They are well equipped and well maintained. The residents can access it at their convenience whether in the morning or the evening. There is a huge playground on the premises. It can not only be used by the kids but also to organize many sports events. The adults use it for jogging, walking or early morning yoga sessions and health club meetings. There is also a jogging track specially built for people who enjoy walks and runs every day. Many social functions are organized here on a regular basis. Security is prioritized so that residents can feel safe and secured in their homes. Pangsapuri Suasana Idaman is a freehold and low rise condominium that is strategically located to cater to the needs of professionals of various trades living in the area. The units are designed to be more functional, and space saving than be designer. The built up is at 733 sqft. The selling price starts at RM 160,000. The units are well spaced and can accommodate a large family too. The property is ideal for rent as well due to its reasonable pricing. Other properties located nearby are Silk Sky, Sri Hijau, Juta Mines, Silk Residence, and Ameera Residence @ Mutiara Heights. Credit by : Propertyguru ( 28.11.2019 )
Built up
1012 sqft - 17395 sqft
Transacted Price
RM 6,500 - RM 1,400,000
Asking Price (Sale)
RM 300,000 - RM 1,700,000


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Past Transactions

Transaction DateAddressBuilding TypeFloorsLot SizePrice PsfPrice

Historical Monthly Price Range & Volume


Profitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 55 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
26 Sep 1115 Jan 206,889 ft²6540171,4446
16 Jul 9417 Jul 194,812 ft²1970875,00010.7
23 Nov 1802 May 197,621 ft²6028250,000498.2
25 Nov 1516 Apr 195,339 ft²523780,00010.4
11 Nov 1314 Mar 195,780 ft²6533184,40013.5

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 50 more profitable transactions.

Unprofitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 25 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
16 Nov 1623 Mar 184,058 ft²2548-100000-40.2
27 Aug 1427 Feb 187,868 ft²38164-988170-34
27 Aug 1428 Dec 165,360 ft²51260-1118040-50
01 Dec 1402 Dec 163,767 ft²5769-45000-9
07 Sep 1616 Nov 164,133 ft²4848--

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 20 more unprofitable transactions


  • Down Payment (10%)RM 0
  • Loan Amount (%)RM 0
  • Tenure Years0 Years
  • Interest Rate0%
  • Loan Amount 90%
  • Down Payment 10%
Monthly Installment

RM 0±

Mortgage Provided by Hong Leong Bank

Maintenance Fees

RM 0 ±

RM 0 psf (0 sq ft)

Total Monthly Expenses

RM 0±


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