Kenny Hills (Bukit Tunku)

Kenny Hills (Bukit Tunku), Kuala Lumpur

About this project

Bukit Tunku is a posh and serene neighbourhood that houses only the most elite of the Malaysian population. It is a residential area that was previously more popularly known as Kenny Hills or Bukit Kenny. Bukit Tunku is home to villas as well as many luxury condominiums, along with various housing projects. The houses in this neighbourhood regularly sell in the millions. Bukit Tunku does however seem to be a residential area with skeletons in its closet, as the hills of this posh place are rumoured to be haunted. ‘Pontianaks’ are a common paranormal entity that is always featured in Bukit Tunku with taxi drivers refusing to either pick up or send child or woman back to Bukit Tunku after the sun sets. Credit : Propsocial 11.11.2019
Property Type
Detached,Vacant Plot
Built up
1410 sqft - 61538 sqft
Transacted Price
RM 2,575,000 - RM 27,518,166
Asking Price (Sale)
RM 1,500,000 - RM 28,000,000
Asking Price (Rent)
RM 10,000 - RM 10,000


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Past Transactions

Transaction DateAddressBuilding TypeFloorsLot SizePrice PsfPrice

Historical Monthly Price Range & Volume


Profitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 3 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
22 Jul 1517 Dec 1929,676 ft²337427,350800,0001.9
01 Oct 1424 Jun 1911,808 ft²432419150,0000.6
29 Dec 1118 Jun 1327,470 ft²6124135,450,00030.5

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed.


  • Down Payment (10%)RM 0
  • Loan Amount (%)RM 0
  • Tenure Years0 Years
  • Interest Rate0%
  • Loan Amount 90%
  • Down Payment 10%
Monthly Installment

RM 0±

Mortgage Provided by Hong Leong Bank

Maintenance Fees

RM 0 ±

RM 0 psf (0 sq ft)

Total Monthly Expenses

RM 0±


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