Taman Klang Utama

Jalan Sungai Keramat, Klang, Selangor

About this project

Located North-West of Klang, Taman Klang Utama (TKU) is a small mixed development township, comprising residential, commercial and industrial sections. Its population is primarily made up of the middleclass and is multi-racial. The linked houses here, comprising single and double storey terrace homes, are of different phases built at different periods over the years whereby the older houses are relatively smaller compared to the ones built in later years. Because most of the homes in TKU are landed properties, therefore this area is very much so a low-medium density population area. This area which is just off Jalan Kapar is surrounded by Taman Chempaka Sari, Taman Chempaka 2, Taman Kelana, and to the East by Bandar Bukit Raja while its North-West corner is made up mostly of factory lots. Further up Jalan Kapar are the townships of Kapar, Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Karang while Klang city is just 10 minutes’ drive away. Even though this township might be lacking in certain types of retail shops, food outlets and business services in its commercial centre but nearby Klang more than makes up for these limitations with its myriad restaurants, retail outlets and business and financial services. TKU is relatively a quiet and peaceful enclave, with minimal traffic congestion on its roads, and with average crime rate but there is some issue regarding its cleanliness. The road sides are not neat and tidy and sometimes littered with rubbish while nature strips are unkempt or non-existent. Amenities & Facilities
Within TKU there is Econsave Hypermarket, Econsave Supermarket, Pasaraya Hup Heng, a morning market, and a few other mini-markets while there are also some motorbike shops selling motorcycles and others repairing motorcycles. There is a Maxvalue outlet, some car service and tyre shops, hardware and tile shops, mobile phone services shops and a few restaurants as well as kopitiam hawker centres, and etc. Not within this area but close-by, just off Jalan Haji Sirat is a mini-post office, CIMB Bank, Friends Pharmacy, restaurants, a wholesale market, and others located in a small commercial centre. Also located here is a Petronas Petrol Station which has a Maybank ATM machine. There is an Aeon Big Hypermarket just 10 minutes’ drive away along Jalan Kapar just at the edge of Klang city. Located amongst the housing areas, are parks, open fields and playgrounds in the various sections which create spaciousness and airiness in their locale. SK Taman Klang Utama and SMK Taman Klang Utama are situated within TKU while other schools like SM Rantau Panjang and others are located further away. Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah is about 30 minutes’ drive from TKU while KPJ Klang and Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centres are both about 18 minutes’ drive away only. Accessibility & Transportation
Persiaran Sungai Keramat is the main avenue running across TKU that divides the area into the Northern and Southern halves. It joins up with Jalan Kapar that links this area to the north and Klang in the south, as earlier mentioned, while at the same time it connects with the Shapadu Highway which leads to Setia Alam as well as to the NKVE Highway and Federal Highway. All of these make TKU quite easily accessible, while at the same time making it convenient for residents here to go to other areas in Klang Valley. There are buses plying through Persiaran Sungai Keramat, Jalan Sungai Keramat 20, Lebuh Sungai Puloh, and Jalan Kapar regularly with bus-stops located at various key points. What is lacking may be a rail line or service in this area although there is the KTM station in Klang city.
Property Type
Terraced House
2 - 5 bedrooms
Built up
829 sqft - 5457 sqft
Transacted Price
RM 60,000 - RM 1,500,000
Asking Price (Sale)
RM 318,000 - RM 850,000
Asking Price (Rent)
RM 800 - RM 1,600


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Past Transactions

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Profitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 69 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
28 Apr 1719 Nov 191,302 ft²2322302,0000.3
02 May 1423 Sep 19990 ft²39932870,0003.7
30 Dec 1619 Jul 19883 ft²351227110,00018.7
25 May 1711 Jul 19883 ft²47045315,0001.7
01 Oct 1305 Jul 19990 ft²313151160,00013.4

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 64 more profitable transactions.

Unprofitable Transactions (Limited to 5 Total of 14 Transactions)

Bought OnSold OnArea (sqft)Sale Price (RM sqft)Buy Price(RM sqft)Profit (RM)Growth (%)
03 Oct 1722 Oct 19990 ft²346404-57000-7.2
25 Apr 1424 Jun 19990 ft²303303--
19 Aug 1415 Apr 191,259 ft²341357-20000-1
16 Apr 1805 Dec 181,173 ft²324324--
16 May 1716 Mar 18883 ft²414453-35000-10.4

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 9 more unprofitable transactions


  • Down Payment (10%)RM 0
  • Loan Amount (%)RM 0
  • Tenure Years0 Years
  • Interest Rate0%
  • Loan Amount 90%
  • Down Payment 10%
Monthly Installment

RM 0±

Mortgage Provided by Hong Leong Bank

Maintenance Fees

RM 0 ±

RM 0 psf (0 sq ft)

Total Monthly Expenses

RM 0±


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