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Carmen Teoh pro agent

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Hi, I'm Carmen Teoh since embarking into the real estate industry 4 years ago, I've always strived to provide the very best for my clients. I've been rewarded for my dedication with trust and support from my clients. I always help my clients sincerely by sharing my opinions and knowledge so they get the property that truly meets their requirements. My area of expertise is Setapak, Wangsa Maju and Mont Kiara. As a professional agent, I must strike a good balance between the buyer and the seller. If I'm able to satisfy the requirements for both ends, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. As such, I'm always attentive towards my clients' requirement, while also keeping myself updated on the latest properties in the market. I will then search and match the best offers that meet both the seller and buyer's expectations. Sufficient information on the properties at hand is also a very important factor. Even simple things like the facilities available, or the size of the property, which requires very little effort from the agent's end, could play a big role in a converting listings into leads. After all, most information on the properties, especially condominiums and apartments, are readily available on the internet. With the actual unit photos and property details on the ads, clients will usually be very happy that the information published are true and accurate. This builds trust and respect towards the agent, and is a sure way to seal the deal.
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