Parit Jawa

Sale Price (RM PSF)

25th %
75th %

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25th %
75th %

6 Projects/Townships (161 Transactions)

Taman Seroja
Terrace House, Semi-Detached House, Land, Low-Cost House, Condominium/Apartment, Residential
Taman Bintang Baru II
Terrace House, Semi-Detached House
Taman Limbong Maju
Terrace House
Taman Sri Mor
Land, Semi-Detached House
Taman Parit Tarom
Land, Detached House, Semi-Detached House
Taman Cempaka
Low-Cost House, Terrace House

Rent and Sale Prices in Parit Jawa

Bedrooms Sale Price Monthly Rent Rental Yield
1 -- -- --
2 -- -- --
3 -- -- --
4 -- -- --
5 -- -- --
1 -- -- --
2 -- -- --
3 -- -- --
4 -- -- --
5 -- -- --

Price per Square Foot in Parit Jawa

Sector Price per ft2 (Non Landed) Price per ft2 (Landed)
Area Average 353 2,265
State Average 221 2,000
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Parit Jawa is a humble yet famous fishing village located in the western part of the state of Johor. The nearest town to this village is Muar, and it is situated about 15 kilometres away. Over the years, Parit Jawa has evolved to become a popular destination for visitors from other parts of Malaysia and even from Singapore for day trips.

Despite the variety of delicious seafood dishes available at Parit Jawa, one of the most famous seafood dishes which can be found here is fish cooked in a traditional sour and spicy style (‘asam pedas’).

However, it is not just seafood which can be found at Parit Jawa. In fact, bird watching enthusiasts wax lyrical over the multitude of bird types which include shorebirds that are not commonly sighted in other parts of Malaysia and at the presence of many migrating birds. Additionally, the mudflats which lie along the coast of the Straits of Malacca house all kinds of invertebrate life forms such as crabs, prawns and snails. Besides the thriving fishing and agriculture industries, these provide great opportunities for the development of tourism to Parit Jawa.

Banks, a library, a police station, a clinic and numerous places of worship for followers of different faiths are among the different amenities available to local residents.  

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