Bandar Utama

The median sale at Bandar Utama, Selangor, Malaysia is RM 1,380,000

RM 638,000
RM 577 (PSF)
RM 1,380,000
RM 675 (PSF)
RM 2,050,000
RM 781 (PSF)



Bandar Utama is a residential suburb township, roughly 1,000 acres in size, which also hosts the popular 1 Utama Shopping Centre. The latter is well patronised and is one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia. Bandar Utama is located within the Damansara subdivision of the Petaling district in the state of Selangor.

Property Development

Bandar Utama was developed in the early 1990s under developer See Hoy Chan Holdings Sdn Bhd. Previously, the area consisted of oil palm estates. Bandar Utama is made up of two parts, separated by the Sprint Expressway -- Sections BU1 until BU10 and BU11 with BU12. The two parts of Bandar Utama are joined by a bridge. It is very close to the mature Taman Tun Dr Ismail suburb.

Amenities and Facilities

In addition to 1 Utama Shopping Centre, there's a smaller neighbourhood mall known as Centrepoint Bandar Utama. It serves the neighbourhood, office workers and students from the secondary schools nearby.   

The sought-after area continues to grow well with the opening of several schools in 1997 and 1998, including a tertiary institution, KBU International College.

There is also a five-star hotel in Bandar Utama, named One World. It is well connected to 1 Utama Shopping Centre, a convenience boon for hotel guests. 

A place of interest in the area would be the man-made park opposite 1 Utama Shopping Centre. There is also the biggest climbing gym in Asia, Camp 5, inside the mall.

Past Transactions

Project / TownShipsTypeMedian Price PsfMedian PriceFiled Transactions
1 Bukit UtamaCondominium/ApartmentRM 564RM 1,228,080146 Transactions
BU11Terrace HouseRM 734RM 1,349,25987 Transactions
BU6Terrace HouseRM 1,003RM 1,774,43576 Transactions
BU1Terrace HouseRM 702RM 1,318,92367 Transactions
Pelangi UtamaCondominium/ApartmentRM 565RM 578,68557 Transactions
BU2Terrace HouseRM 658RM 1,344,02956 Transactions
BU12Terrace House,Town HouseRM 592RM 1,095,25850 Transactions
BU10Terrace HouseRM 788RM 1,422,18548 Transactions
BU7Terrace HouseRM 812RM 1,440,85441 Transactions
BU4Terrace HouseRM 938RM 1,273,73037 Transactions

Rent and Sale Prices in Bandar Utama

BedroomsSale PriceMonthly RentRental Yield
1RM --RM ----
2RM 373,878RM 1,9176.15%
3RM 743,784RM 1,8683.01%
4RM 1,316,750RM 4,6084.2%
5RM 1,802,481RM 4,5823.05%

Price per Square Foot

SectorPrice Psf (Non Landed)Price Psf (Landed)
Area AverageRM 519RM 670
State AverageRM 272RM 297