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RM 998,000

Mortgage : RM 0 / mth

Taman Bukit Kecil, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Link Bungalow / Semi-Detached 4 BR 3 Bbuiltup3132 sqftbuiltupRM 318/sqft


Property Type
Link Bungalow / Semi-Detached
Listing Type
For sale
Listing ID
Land Area
3132 sqft
2600 sqft
Land area/sqft
RM 318/sqft
RM 383/sqft


Taman Bukit | 地点优越 交通方便 双层Semi D
嘿 你是不是每天忙着拼事业的Penang Lang!每天跑来跑去,一下去Penang, 一下要去大山脚北海,有时还要上Highway跑KL?偶尔还要回家陪父母家人,工作不累,开车都开到累咯。。。时间不够用了,还要花在“开车” gor
你知道吗?Penang大山脚最中心的地理位置就在TAMAN BUKIT. 想象看住在这里你15分钟内就可以到8个Area, 大山脚伯公程,Kota Permai, Bukit Minyak, Alma, Bukit Tengah(Icon City), 槟威大桥,北濑, Permatang Pauh 等等 迟醒也不怕上班迟到!约顾客在哪里都方便~ 以后有小孩,小学、中学8分钟内就到了 哇塞 不用因为上班又要赶着载孩子 和太太吵架 头疼了!
🚗8 分钟到达大山脚旺区, pek gong cheng, icon city, auto city, alma.
🚶‍♂️走路就到华人pasar pagi
🚗 附近就有很多著名的小学及中学
Land Area 地皮面积:3132 sf
Built up Area 屋深面积:27' x 48' sf
包装修包家私 连装潢时间都帮你省下了!
好啦 我知道你心痒痒了 赶快 “whatsapp” 我们吧! 在努力打拼事业的年纪找一个给你“旺”的家,省下开车的时间,100% 有效率工作,还有时间陪家人呢 ^_^ 
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Do you know Taman Bukit is in the most strategic area in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang? Living in here can take only 15 MINUTES to reach up to 8 PENANG AREA!  Such as BM Pek Gong Cheng, Kota Permai, Bukit Minyak, Alma, Bukit Tengah(Icon City/NorthSouthHighway), Penang Bridge, Prai, Permatang Pauh are just a stone's throw away, great for those working adults travel often. You definitely can rush up your appointment ever you woke up late! For families with children's, it takes only 8 MINUTES drive to reach both well-known primary school and secondary school! (Whatsapp us for the map! We estimated all distance between the nearby school and this unit!) 

📍In the Middle of Bukit Meratajam,Most importantly you have a lot of routes to skip from heavy traffic
📍Location always favoured for Chinese neighbourhood
🚗8 mins to BM Pek Gong Cheng, Bukit Minyak, Alma, Bukit Tengah, Tokun
🚶‍♂️Walking distance to Chinese Pasar Pagi 
🚗Nearby to many famous primary school and secondary school 
Land Area:3132 sf
Built up Area:27' x 48' sf

Don’t have to waste time for renovation! It’s Fully Furnished & Renovated!!!
Ok I know you have questions for this unit, “Whatsapp” Us immediately! You should find a house that makes you “ONG!” while working hard for business, saved up your time from driving here and there, this strategic location could give you 100% more productivity,and more time to spend with family ^_^ 
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