Property For Sales Or Rent In Pahang, Malaysia


Property For Sales Or Rent In Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang, largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, is located on the Eastern coast bordered by the South China Sea.  It occupies the Pahang River basin. It is divided into 11 administrative divisions of which Kuantan is the administrative capital and Pekan is the royal capital. The terrain in Pahang consist of highlands, rainforests, coastal regions and offshore islands of which the rainforests dominate, and are inhabited by indigenous Orang Asli communities.

Population in Pahang

The population stands over 1.6 million with a majority of Malays with the predominantly practiced religion being Islam. Pahang Malay is widely spoken interspersed with other dialects and various Orang Asli languages.

Throughout the years, Pahang has seen many wars and much bloodshed as different entities fought for control – the Srivijaya empire during the 8th and 9th century, the Portuguese, Dutch, Johor and Aceh during the 16th century, the two sons of the ruling Johor Sultan who waged a civil war between 1858-1863 and eventually in 1895 it became a part of the Federated Malay States which evolved into the Malayan Union in 1946, Federation of Malaya in 1948 and Federation of Malaysia in 1963.

Pahang Economy

Its economy was supported mainly by timber production and tin mining. Timber still brings a revenue but at a reduced rate due to excessive deforestation. Other sources of income today include fishery products, petrochemical processing, gold mining in Raub and tourism.

Tourism industry is booming as a result of destinations such as Cameron Highlands – vegetables, legume, strawberry, butterfly and honey bee farms and widespread tea plantations; Genting Highlands – entertainment hub with several hotels, a theme park and Malaysia's sole casino; Fraser's Hill – holiday destination with beautiful British colonial buildings and popular for bird-watching; Taman Negara National Park – home to diverse species of flora and fauna including many endangered species; Tioman Island – scenic beaches and impressive coral reefs straight out of a diver’s dream; Berkelah Falls – cascading falls popular among campers; Teluk Cempedak – beach popular for jet skiing, surfing and swimming; Cherating Turtle Sanctuary and Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque.

Popular Traditional Cuisine

Traditional cuisine in Pahang include traditional rice dishes and curries such as Nasi Kebuli – rice cooked with chicken or lamb pieces with raisins, onions, olives and lemon grass, Nasi Tomato – Basmati rice cooked in coconut milk with tomato paste, Nasi Lemak – rice cooked in coconut milk served with spicy anchovy sauce, peanuts, cucumber, hard-boiled egg and meat, Ketupat – boiled rice compacted in coconut leaves woven into a square, Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak – Silver Catfish cooked in tempoyak (durian paste), Paceri Nenas – spicy pineapple curry and Satay – cube-sized marinated meat skewered and barbecued over charcoal and served with spicy peanut sauce, fresh cucumber, onions and ketupat.