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One of Klang Valley’s success stories is the residential area called, Kota Kemuning, which is well known for its healthy and harmonious environment. Its development started in the mid-90s and over the years has evolved, according to its master-plan, into being a self-contained township and acting as a satellite-like city to Kuala Lumpur. A joint venture between Hicom-Gamuda Development Sdn.Bhd., the development comprising residential, commercial, industrial, and ‘green lung’ areas, of some 45% of the entire scheme, has seen its population grown to over 200,000 over the years. Its area size is 1,854 acres, has a commercial area that is booming currently although in the earlier years, saw its shop-office lots slow to be taken-up by businesses.

Its built-up areas are made up of bungalows, semi-detached houses, linked terrace houses, town houses, condominiums, apartments, commercial centres, shop offices, as well as terraced and semi-d factory lots. Its population make-up comprises roughly 25% Malays, 56% Chinese, 9% Indians and 10% other various races. Driving through this suburban enclave is pleasant and picturesque especially through the residential and lake areas.

<h3>Amenities & Facilities</h3>
Shop-office lots are plentiful, ranging from 2-storey to 4-storey types, are centrally located at its town centre as well as situated in key-parts of its housing areas. There are a myriad of businesses, fast-food outlets and restaurants at this commercial points including banks, clinics, super and mini markets, and petrol stations. The KFC 24-hour drive-through is well located and very popular with the locals here besides Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Mcdonald’s and other food outlets. The infra-structure is good with effective drainage, irrigation, well planned roads and avenues, reliable support systems, well placed street lighting and strategically located green areas. Its seamless roads and road side kerbs as well as sidewalks are need and tidy as well maintained.

There is much greenery here with the 18-hole golf course of Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, 25 acre Central Park, Lakeside Drive, Wetlands, Hill Parks, and 22 acre lake with other facilities like badminton and basketball courts. There is also a continuous ‘green experience’ jogging track and 8 kilometre walkway.

Kota Kemuning is surrounded by other residential and commercial areas like Subang Jaya, Bukit Kemuning, Bukit Rimau and Kemuning Utama besides being not far from KL city centre and Klang. Security is good with private security and police station and outposts while the crime rate here is low.  Even though, it lacks a shopping centre, there are hypermarkets and shopping complexes in adjacent townships.

<h3>Accessibility & Transportation</h3>

A weakness this development has is the lack of public transportation. Even private taxis seldom ply through this area although the more current private internet based car transport services are getting more popular here the last 2 years or so. Even though there are few entry points to this relatively large development but the highways that link this area to other parts of Klang Valley are many. Take for example, Kesas Highway which leads to other highways like the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP), North-South Expressway Central link (Elite), Federal Highway and the Kemuning-Shah Alam Highway (LKSA). 

There are seldom any traffic jams in Kota kemuning with its many excellent roads although there is traffic can be heavy in the town centre these days. But whatever it is, owning a car or two is vital in this wide and spacious residential and commercial scheme. Although, this area is not as centrally located as other residential areas in Klang Valley but with the above mentioned highways approaching Kota Kemuning is convenient and smooth, if not easy besides it having good connectivity with other areas.

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28 Nov 1603 Oct 184,026 ft²422261650,00029.8
15 Jan 1327 Aug 181,647 ft²39534385,0002.5
05 Jul 1113 Jul 183,197 ft²594375700,0006.8
28 Aug 1227 Jun 181,399 ft²429322150,0005.1
15 Apr 1316 May 181,647 ft²51650912,0000.3

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17 Dec 1318 Sep 182,949 ft²322339-50000-1.1
16 Jun 1530 Aug 181,647 ft²328364-60000-3.2
29 Jul 1323 Mar 181,001 ft²529559-30000-1.2
02 Sep 1619 Jun 172,616 ft²241268-70000-12.4
19 Sep 1119 Dec 1610,064 ft²368397-300000-1.5

Note: Transactions with the same address are matched. Profitability of each round-trip transaction is based only on the change in asset price and does not take into account transaction costs and the effect of financing. Unit numbers are not disclosed. In addition, there are 4 more unprofitable transactions


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