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What is EdgeProp START and how does it benefit homebuyers in Malaysia?

EdgeProp START is a program designed to benefit Malaysian homebuyers by rewarding them at every milestone of the homebuying process. From planning to purchasing and personalising their new homes, START partners with leading solution providers and offers attractive vouchers to incentivise users on their journey to homeownership. Once a user signs up, they can start unlocking vouchers worth up to RM3,888, which can be used towards various products and services related to their home purchase.

How can I redeem vouchers worth up to RM3,888?

The total value of vouchers offered on START is worth up to RM3,888. Users may redeem all or preferred ones. To redeem any vouchers, you need to sign up for EdgeProp START, verify your profile, and complete the homebuying process by purchasing a home (signing the SPA/Sales and Purchase Agreement).

Can I redeem the vouchers for any residential property?

Yes, you can claim the vouchers upon purchase of any property in Malaysia. This includes EdgeProp START’s featured projects, newly launched residential properties, and secondary residential properties.

Do the eligibility criteria for buying a property featured in START differ from those for buying other primary or secondary homes?

No, the eligibility criteria are the same for all homebuyers, allowing them to claim the rewards. However, if you purchase a project featured in START, you can claim the rewards immediately without having to wait for a 3-months grace period, plus you will be eligible to get an additional RM100 IKEA gift card.

For homebuyers purchasing primary residential property not featured in START and all secondary residential property, the signing of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) you must be an active member (i.e. verified member) of START for at least 3 months.

In other words, the sooner you verify your profile, the higher chance you will be able to claim all vouchers. Once you verify your profile, there is no limitation as to when you must purchase a property. As long as your purchase happens 3 months AFTER you verify your profile, you will be eligible for the vouchers.

Why am I prompted to verify my profile on EdgeProp START?

Verifying your profile on EdgeProp START is a necessary first step to qualify you as an active member. You will be asked a few questions to ensure that you are genuinely interested in buying a home and can fully benefit from the program.

Can I claim more than one partner voucher?

No, each user or homebuyer is entitled to claim only one partner voucher as per the terms and conditions. In other words, the vouchers from the same partners does not stack (unless explicitly mentioned as such)

Can existing homeowners claim the vouchers offered through EdgeProp START?

Yes, as long as you are purchasing a residential property in Malaysia in your own name (individually or jointly) you will be able to claim the vouchers.

Which solution providers and partners are associated with EdgeProp START?

EdgeProp START collaborates with reputable solution providers and partners such as AFFIN Bank for home loans, Livspace for home interior design, Samsung for household appliances, StashAway as an investment partner and JBL as audio partner. From the start of your journey to moving in, we ensure a comprehensive range of benefits for all homebuyers. Over time, START will evolve and partners will change, but our commitment to incentivising you every step will not change.

How can I add vouchers to my list and access them later?

To access the vouchers, you can add them to your list while browsing the rewards from our partners. The vouchers will be available in “My Rewards” under your user profile page for later use. However, the vouchers are only secured for you after you verify your profile. If you do not verify your profile, and the vouchers run out, you will not be able to claim them later.

When will the vouchers be unlocked for use after completing the homebuying process?

After completing the homebuying process, including the purchase of a home, the vouchers will be unlocked for your use. Submitting an extract of Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) as proof of home ownership to EdgeProp will initiate this process.

How can I submit my SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement) as proof of purchase to EdgeProp?

You may submit your proof of purchase (e.g. an extract of the SPA, or any other proof required) via your user profile page, under “My Rewards”. Rest assured that all information provided will be kept confidential and handled in accordance with our privacy policy. Please note that we will only accept proof of purchase under your own name (individually or jointly).

Is there a time limit for utilising the vouchers?

Yes, the vouchers must be utilized within 3 - 24 months from the date of submitting your proof of purchase. Please refer to the respective terms and conditions on the voucher pages for specific validity periods.

Can the vouchers be utilised for any specific products or services offered by the partners?

The vouchers offered through EdgeProp START can be used towards a wide range of products and services provided by our partners. Note that each partner may have specific terms and conditions for voucher utilisation, which can be found on their respective pages in START.

You can unlock a RM100 IKEA voucher upon submitting your SPA. This voucher is only claimable once EdgeProp verifies that you have signed up for AFFIN Bank’s mortgage products.

Livspace: You can unlock the RM3,000 (for featured projects) or RM2,500 (for all properties) cashback vouchers upon submitting your SPA. This voucher can be used to offset the total cost of any home interior design packages the user selects with Livspace, with a minimum spend of RM25,000. Do note that the RM3,000 voucher and the RM2,500 voucher do not stack.

Samsung: The RM150 discount voucher is unlocked upon submitting your SPA. This voucher can be used at Samsung’s Online Store for purchasing home appliances, TV and audio products by Samsung, and is stackable upon existing promotions that Samsung is running at the time of redemption.

StashAway: A RM30 deposit will be available in your #HomeGoal fund when you start the fund with StashAway via the StashAway x EdgeProp opt-in link. You will need to stay invested for at least 3 months to receive the cashback of RM30 and the cashback will be credited to your StashAway SimpleTM portfolio. An additional RM100 cash bonus will be credited to your StashAway SimpleTM portfolio after you have completed your goal and shared your proof of purchase.

JBL: A 10% discount voucher is unlocked upon submitting your SPA. The discount voucher is applicable for a minimum spend of RM1,000 on JBL products via the JBL Online Store.

What are the warranty policies for the products offered by EdgeProp START partners?

The products offered by EdgeProp partners are subject to their own warranty policies. Please visit the respective partner's website to learn more about their warranty policies.

Are there any additional benefits or rewards for users who participate in EdgeProp START?

Yes, do stay engaged with the program to discover exclusive promotions, updates, and opportunities tailored to your home ownership journey. You will be notified of new updates via email from time to time.

Is there a time limit for completing the homebuying process in order to claim the vouchers?

While there is no specific time limit for completing the homebuying process to claim the vouchers, it is recommended to do so in a timely manner to avoid any expiration or eligibility issues.

Are the vouchers transferable or redeemable for cash?

The vouchers are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. They are meant to be used for specific benefits or discounts offered by our partners.

What happens if there are changes to START or offerings described?

EdgeProp reserves the right to make changes to any offerings and the products described at any time. However, there is no obligation to provide notification of such changes.

Can I purchase a property outside of Malaysia and still participate in EdgeProp START?

EdgeProp START is specifically designed for homebuyers in Malaysia. Purchasing a property within Malaysia is a requirement to participate in the program and enjoy the rewards it offers.

Who can I contact for any further inquiries or assistance regarding EdgeProp START?

Our dedicated support team is available to help. Please contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 011-2124 6629  and we will promptly assist you.

Why do I need to submit my IC?
ID Document Request - Why It's Important

We respect your personal data's importance and assure transparency in requesting it. Here's why:

In partnership with esteemed associates, we present a Starter Kit, valued over RM3,888. Verifying your profile unlocks multiple benefits, including an RM30 bonus when creating a StashAway account, symbolizing our gratitude for your membership.

Additionally, we provide a free Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRP) from Experian, worth RM19.90 - a vital asset for any serious homebuyer. However, we need to ensure these resources reach genuine, capable homebuyers, which is why profile verification is essential.

Your ID document verifies your identity and home-buying ability.

Security Assured

Your ID is solely used for verification, confirming you as a genuine homebuyer and enabling us to offer the best rewards. Your document is handled securely, and we prioritize your privacy, strictly adhering to all relevant privacy regulations.

This process aims to empower homebuyers with the necessary resources. Your cooperation helps build a trustworthy platform for everyone.

Building Trust

We aspire to foster a trustful, respectful community. As we trust your intentions, we kindly ask for your trust with your ID, enabling a safer, more rewarding space for serious homebuyers.

Thank you for your contribution to our community. Your trust is appreciated, and we're committed to ensuring the best possible experience.

I have just verified my profile. How do I claim my Experian PCRP report?

Once your profile is successfully verified, the status of your downloaded voucher in the “My Rewards” section of the website will switch to “Claim Voucher”.

Within 3 business days, you will receive a confirmation email as well as a WhatsApp message, which will contain a unique voucher code. This code can be used to claim your complimentary report.

  1. To download your free report, create an account at Experian

  2. At the check-out/purchase page – type in the unique promo code, click apply, and you will be able to purchase the report for FREE.

  3. Click on ‘Apply’. The total cost will be adjusted to zero, allowing you to acquire the report at no cost.

If you encounter any issues during this process or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this message. We are here to assist you. Wishing you a successful and enjoyable home-buying experience!