No thanks, I’ll make it to the top by scaling the wall

PETALING JAYA (June 13): While the world reels about with its various issues and problems, many have stopped to take a moment to ponder an inspiring life lesson from – get ready for this – a raccoon.

First spotted on a ledge of a building in the city of St Paul, Minnesota, US, the little furry mammal had netizens holding their breaths since Tuesday morning (Tuesday evening, Malaysian time) as they tracked its progress, thanks to local radio station Minnesota Public Radio News which broke the news yesterday.

From the 10th storey, it was later gazing into the window at the 23rd level of the UBS Tower – with some of its Spiderman-like moves recorded live by social media users.

Dubbed #MPRraccoon, its gravity-defying feat has drawn some heart-warming responses such as the following:

“I nominate #MPRraccoon for the Nobel Peace Prize, for it has done the seemingly impossible by uniting even the most curmudgeonly cynics across Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit in wishing this little inspiration a safe journey,” tweeted Christopher‏ @LeChristopherAG.

“This raccoon is doing a better job at uniting America than either political party,” said Mark Anthony‏ @MarkAnthonyMktg.

Another tweet by shelby @shelbyyvonneee read: “if that poor raccoon can climb all the way to the roof then I can make it through college”.

It was reported that the creature could not be rescued despite its rest stops on the ledges due to the building’s sealed windows. Instead, animal-control authorities were hoping to trap it on the roof with some food.

A report by 4 Washington stated that the hailed hero finally made it to the top of the building in the early hours of Wednesday morning, having first descended several storeys. It wasn't immediately clear if it was caught by St Paul Animal Control once it reached the roof.

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