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Integrated approach needed to fight raw water contamination

Each time the raw water source is contaminated by diesel or toxic waste, the operations at the treatment plant concerned have to be brought to a halt to prevent further damage. According to experts, Malaysia's water treatment plants are not equipped with the facilities to treat contaminants.

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"Owning is always better than renting"

Saving is a habit Hyinz Ng has cultivated since she was a child. She has been saving about 20% to 30% of her monthly salary since she started working – she worked part-time at a bakery shop as a teenager prior to photography.

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Key property developers ready to take on the 2020s

Demands are shifting, and a house is today more than just a roof over the head for many — it is part of their lifestyles. Developers know they have to step out of their comfort zones, be flexible and adapt to the discerning homebuyers’ ever-changing wants and needs.