Sentul folk enduring flash floods


KUALA LUMPUR (May 25): The residents of houses along Jalan Union 1 to 3 in Sentul have been enduring flash floods originating from Sungai Untut recently.

A report by The Star revealed that the neighbourhood has experienced “at least 15 flash floods” since March 25.

The residents here believe that an interceptor system built recently and the treatment plant at Sungai Untut are the causing of the flood.

A source “involved with the interceptor system and treatment plant project” told the daily that the Irrigation and Drainage Department (DID) had already “instructed the contractor to demolish the obstruction immediately”.

The source added that the interceptor system was part of the River of Life project, and designed treat river water.

“The system intercepts and diverts the low flows of Sungai Untut via a diversion gate to the treatment plant before it is returned to the river.

“The contractor may have not followed the drawings correctly, as there should not be any or only minimum constriction to the river flow during a storm.

“The gate is also designed to be fully lowered and poses no adverse obstruction to the flow.

“The gate may have been constructed much higher than what was designed,” the source explained.

Meanwhile, Batu law maker P Prabakaran had called on City Hall, DID and Alam Flora to investigate the cause of the flash floods.

“Physically, I can see that debris is stuck and obstructing the flow of the river.

“I have asked the contractor to clear it away and do the necessary, including breaking any structures, to prevent the water from overflowing into the houses nearby,” he said.

Local resident Nandini Sivanesom is having a hard time owing to the floods

“I called the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) helpline and was told that the contractors would only able to conduct repair works in June.

“My house is a single-storey unit and it is a mess every time it floods,” she told The Star.

“My family has three cars and we have already moved one to a condominium nearby. But this time, we did not manage to move one car and water has entered it,” she added.

Wee Thiam Hua who is suffering from cancer said it was exhausting to clean up the dirt after the floods.

“I do not have a maid. I just had surgery and I have no choice but to do heavy cleaning work. The water is muddy, dirty and smelly.

“Every time after cleaning up, I end up in pain,” she told the daily.

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