Melaka allocates RM3 million a year to build houses for hardcore poor with land

MELAKA (Feb 22): The Melaka government is allocating RM3 million a year for its “Rumah Peduli” housing programme for the hardcore poor with land in the state.

Chief Minister Adly Zahari said the programme would also involve repair of houses belonging to the hardcore poor.

He said implementation of the programme would involve the construction and repair of 60 houses a year.

"The first ‘Rumah Peduli’ project is expected to be built by June and now the Public Works Department (PWD)  is in the process of finalising the house design.

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“The construction cost of each house is RM30,000 and work will be supervised by PWD, with the project placed under the state executive council (exco) member in-charge of Women, Welfare and Rural Development,  Ginie Lim Siew Lim," he told a media conference after the state exco meeting here yesterday.

Apart from that, Adly said 30 units of “Rumah Berkat” would be built in Pokok Mangga here in April for lease to newly weds.

“The houses will be rented out for RM150 per month to the newly-weds for three years,” he added.

On the classification of houses in Melaka, he said, it was made to facilitate the people in making their choice of houses depending on their eligibility.

The price for low cost houses in Melaka is RM42,000; “rumah harapan” (RM80,000 to RM100,000); affordable houses  (RM100,000 to RM180,000); “rumah belia” (RM162,000) and medium cost houses (more than RM180,000).

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