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7 Luxury Semi Detached House Interior Design Ideas in Malaysia

Semi detached houses are among the most sought after house designs in Malaysia. It strikes a balance between having a spacious living space while not being in isolation like a single bungalow unit. Here are 7 luxurious semi detached house interior design ideas for you in Malaysia.

Open concept

As open concept designs are getting more popular, it is definitely a good idea to incorporate it into your semi detached house design in Malaysia. Promoting a fresh and airy space, the open concept designs emphasize on breathability and ample space by limiting space division by solid walls. Space is usually divided by using furniture such as tall shelves or large dining counters. 

Large windows

Large windows are almost a must in your semi d design here in sunny Malaysia.  When scaled appropriately with your ceiling height, windows do much to add natural lighting to your house which adds breathability. They provide a fresh and airy atmosphere during sunny days while offering a stunning view at night. 

Fill up your walls

With ample space available, empty walls often result in a cold and hard finish to your house. A quick tip is to use large paintings or decorations that are suitable for the size of your wall. A large painting will do more to spice up your space than cluttering it with a collage of tiny photo frames. 

Upscale furniture

One of the most basic of decorating a big living space is to add upscale furniture. This is especially important for those opting for a minimalist interior design for your semi d in Malaysia. Upscale furniture can occupy a huge portion of your available space while avoiding clutter. For example, a large coffee table is much more aesthetically pleasing than two smaller ones combined. 

Creative lighting

A poorly illuminated household can feel gloomy and otherwise just plain dull. However, adding too many lights can put a strain on your eyes as well. The key here is to find a balance between exposed and indirect lighting used. A prime example is the combination of a centrepiece chandelier coupled with some recessed lighting behind walls. You can also experiment with different tones to have varied ambience.

Go green

Adding some plants would always be a fantastic addition to any household. Plants serve as a natural air purifier on top of being a wonderful and flexible décor. From bonsai plants for the Zen-enthusiast to simple potted fern as centre piece for the rustics, plants add stunning detail to any design.  For any semi detached house design in Malaysia, there will be a suitable on for you due to its flexibility and variety. 


Textures are simple ways of adding another dimension to your surfaces. Experiment with different combinations of tiles for something unique on your floors. Paste on some wallpaper or if you are feeling fancy, Venetian plaster can be used to replicate a marble-like finish at a fraction of the cost.

It is important for us to have a good interior design as they shape the space that we live in. Do check out some of these ideas for your semi detached house interior design in Malaysia!