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Guide to interior design for small terraced house in Malaysia

A home is a home, it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is. But, if you want to make the best out of your home, here are some interior design tips to help you with your small terraced house in Malaysia.


We look into the mirror almost every day without noticing how important it can be to the interior design of our homes. Mirrors reflect light, and if you like the idea of a bright home, then placing a mirror in areas like the kitchen or dining area is ideal. Besides, reflections in the mirror tend to make your home look like there’s more space than it really has, so even the indoors of a small terraced home will look bigger with a mirror.

Soft and light colours

Does your house feel dark and lifeless? If you’re thinking of a renovation idea for your small terraced house, you may want to consider some soft and light colours to create the impression of a bigger home. Light colours are known to be more reflective, hence it makes a space feel more open and inviting. On the contrary, dark colours will absorb light, therefore they’ll visually shrink the size of the room. White, light blue, or light shades of beige are some of the many options that help to increase room space when at a glance.

Simple furniture

When you have a small home space, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t look cluttered with exaggerating or complicated furniture. In a small terraced home in Malaysia, going for the simplest design is one of the best ways to create a comfortable, organised home that’s also very homey. Sofas, coffee tables, dining table, chairs etc should come in plain colours with simple or no design at all because less is more. A clean interior design is essential for a home to look comfortable enough to live as well.

Pillows, throws, rugs

A small terraced home in Malaysia calls for a feeling of cosiness. Many people associate soft, fluffy and thick items as a form of cosiness, which is why you can use pillows, throws and rugs to elevate the sense of cosiness in your own home. Toss them over the sofa in the living room, over your bed, or even on an armchair, and you’ll see the difference these items make. Pillows with cute cartoons, drawings or quotes can also enhance the homey effect that many of us tend to search for in a home.