Property For Sales Or Rent In Perlis, Malaysia


Property For Sales Or Rent In Perlis, Malaysia

Perlis, located along the Northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, is the smallest Malaysian state. On the north it is bordered by the provinces of Thailand. Its capital is Kangar while the royal capital is Arau. The ruler in Perlis is called 'Raja' and not Sultan like in the other Malaysian sovereign states. Its population of 246,000 is comprised of a vast majority of Malays. Islam is predominantly practiced and Malay is widely spoken.

Perlis was formerly a part of Kedah and was ruled by Siam (Thailand) when they conquered Kedah in 1821. But control over it changed many times over the years. In 1842 - Perlis was separated from Kedah and was a vassal state to Bangkok, 1843 - became a sovereign state, 1909 - came under the control of British Malaya as an Unfederated Malay State, 1941 to 1945 - the Japanese rewarded their Siamese alliance with Perlis during their invasion in World War II, 1946 - joined the Malayan Union, 1948 - became a British Protectorate under the Federation of Malaya, 1957 - gained independence and in 1963 - became a state in Malaysia.

The coat of arms depicts a shield with "Perlis" written in Jawi within a ring of golden rice and the shield encircled by a green wreath of rice. It symbolizes rice agriculture as the primary contributor to the economy of Perlis. Fishing, forestry, sugar cane plantations and rubber plantations also contribute towards its income. The major fruits produced are mango and watermelon.

Mouth-watering cuisine that should not be passed off include Laksa Kuala Perlis – noodles cooked in creamy fish gravy, Pulut Mempelam – glutinous rice eaten with mangoes and for variation with sapodilla, durian or bananas, Nasi Ulam – rice mixed with several leaf types and flavored with crushed pepper and dried fish, Sira Belinggai – local belinggai fruit mixed with coconut milk, Tom Yam – spicy and sour Thai shrimp soup, Pekasam – fish fermented in salt, coated with roasted rice flour and brown sugar and fried and Harumanis mangoes mostly available between March-June.

Aside from Thai influenced food, other aspects of culture also have a strong Thai influence such as traditional dances like Tarian Canggung (post-harvest celebratory dance) and Tarian Terinai (dance for royal ceremonies).

Destinations that attract crowds of tourists include Gua Kelam – a  370m long cave with wooden bridges built into it, Kuala Perlis – has a port with ferry service to Langkawi Island, houses and mosques constructed on stilts over mangrove swamps and tantalizing seafood, Bukit Keteri – limestone hills popular for rock climbing, Padang Besar – a shopping paradise, Perlis Craft Cultural Complex – sells various handcrafts like baskets woven from screw pine and pandanus leaves and Perlis State Park.