Aliff Shukri’s palatial mansion on sale for RM43mil

KUALA LUMPUR (August 2): Dubbed Aliff Syukri Palace the mansion in Kota Damansara is reportedly up for sale.

Actor and singer and cosmetics entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman, lived in the 30-room estate for about four months, and is now willing to sell his dream home for RM43 million.

The NST reports that it comes fully furnished, 40,000 sq ft built up, with a total of 42,000 square footage. It is designed according to a royal modern classic vintage concept, to Aliff’s taste, and inspired by some aspects of the homes of Shah Rukh Khan and Celine Dion. 

The golden hues of the furnishings have their origins in imported items from Italy, Spain, London and Jakarta.

The daily reports that the ‘Palace’ sports a gymnasium, prayer room, panic room, office space, jacuzzi area, four luxurious guest rooms, a special area dedicated for his cat, and a cinema theatrette designed by the TGV cinema designer.

The basement can fit up to eight luxury cars at any one time.

A dozen security guards maintain the security of the residence.

The four housing lots that the imposing home was constructed on, cost Aliff RM13 million in 2015. The mansion was built for just about RM32 million.  

“If ‘rezeki’ comes my way, I will sell the mansion,”Aliff said, reported the NST, wondering if there were any royalty or minister who had the intention to purchase. 

“So if I have the ‘rezeki’ to sell it off, I want to buy a hotel instead,” said the star of the superhero movie Badang.

“A hotel will house my workers as well and they would then have the ability to generate other forms of income there,” he said to the NST, when asked why he planned to buy a hotel.

“I will only sell my home if there are interested parties who will offer a reasonable price for it,” said Aliff, adding that he had no intention of seeking a rushed sale.