Working as a trainer in a Malaysia-based consultation company in Hong Kong, Sunny Ng is fairly familiar with Malaysia’s living and working environment via work trips to Malaysia.

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In December last year, he put down the deposit for two semidee houses in a new township project located in Dengkil, Selangor.

“I’ve been thinking about buying property in Malaysia for investment and maybe in the future, for self-occupation. I like the project for its exciting masterplan and the capital gain potential. I also like the pricing. I don’t think I can ever get something close in Hong Kong with just about RM1 million each,” Ng tells in a tele-interview.

As Covid-19 hit the world early this year, compounded by recent developments in Hong Kong, such as the controversial new security laws, Ng feels blessed to have made the decision to buy properties in Malaysia.

“I had never thought of leaving Hong Kong. When I was signing the sale and purchase agreements of the two houses, I was aiming for investment returns. But what has happened in the past few months has changed my mind. I may be moving to Malaysia eventually if the situation in Hong Kong gets worse. I know about MM2H but I don’t plan to apply for it yet,” Ng shares.

He adds that Malaysia will be his first choice as a migration destination as he is confident that he can blend into the country’s environment well.

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This story first appeared in the e-Pub on June 26, 2020. You can access back issues here.

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