Nippon Paint has coating solutions to fulfil your every need

Aside from luxuriant colours, these days paint manufacturers provide an extensive array of functional solutions for both traditional and other built environments.

One such company blazing a trail in the paint and coatings industry is Nippon Paint. Such is its emphasis on research, development and innovative design, that the company has transcended its status as ‘The Paint Expert’ to establish itself firmly as ‘Malaysia’s No. 1 Total Coatings Expert’.

Nippon Paint offers all-inclusive products catering to a wide spectrum of clients including those involved in architectural, protective, industrial, automotive and marine industries, providing comprehensive coating solutions for multiple segments and surfaces, as asserted in its pledge to turn “ordinary surfaces — from floors to roofs and everything in between — into extraordinary masterpieces!”


The company’s concerted investment in pushing innovative boundaries and challenging the norm is reflected in its relentless and consistent achievement of product excellence.

Commensurate with its status as a premier ‘Total Coatings Solution’ provider, Nippon Paint services four primary segments namely painting, protective coating, flooring and waterproofing.

In the paint category, for example, clients will be spoilt for choice, not just by the extensive array of formulations and colour palettes, but also by various pioneering solutions on offer which promote practical benefits.

Painting-Anti-Microbial Solutions

Take for instance Nippon Paint Virusguard — the first anti-viral and anti-bacterial health solution deliberately concocted to champion indoor safety and better health. Formulated with ‘Silver Ion Technology’, the paint is scientifically proven to be 99% effectively against viruses and bacteria, thus ensuring that surfaces are safe to touch.

Painting-Exterior Solutions

Meanwhile, to preserve the health of exterior surfaces, the new improved formula of Nippon Paint Weatherbond with sun proof, rain proof and anti-fungus features presents a long-term protective shield against the adverse effects of inclement weather, including efflorescence, as well as, fungal and algae growth. Equipped with a 7-year warranty, its new improved weather resistant solution clothes the paint with greater durability, and promises long-lasting colour to defer the need to repaint.

Painting-Design Solutions

For the more artistically inclined, the company’s ‘Momento Series’ introduces contemporary aesthetic alternatives. Comprising chic and stylish selections such as the ‘Textured’, Enhancer’ and ‘Designer’ series for interiors. The trendy Momento Stone Art for exterior surfaces allowing to recreate intricate works of natural stone in your home. Royal Stone is a premium grade selection stone texture coating and gives a natural granite-stone finish. Classic Tile is a premium-grade selection of sandy ceramic textured coating.

Protective Coating

Through its specially formulated anti-corrosion coating solutions, surfaces — including structural steelworks, metal bridges, vessels, pipes and storage tanks — that are prone to damage from corrosion, rust, and the detrimental effects of the environment can now easily be protected. Ranging from conventional to heavy-duty coatings, the anti-corrosion solution is ideal for use on metal, concrete and cement surfaces.

Flooring Solutions

Nippon Paint also offers state-of-the-art flooring solutions, offering a range of products for industrial, commercial and car park. Formulated using either epoxy or polyurethane, its flooring systems combine colours with high performance and durability.

Boasting characteristics such as resistance to chemicals, dirt and changes in temperature, the hardy and environmentally-friendly products are ideal for industrial needs.

Waterproofing Solutions

Similarly, Nippon Paint is well equipped with a range of waterproofing solutions to pre-empt and address problems and risks associated with water seepage and leakage. The company has developed product systems that range from liquid applied and sheet type membranes, to cementitious membrance. Resilient, seamless and long lasting, these all-inclusive coatings provide solutions for waterproofing defects in structures found above ground, in wet areas, and below ground.

Thanks to Nippon Paint’s emphasis on conceptualisation and delivery of cutting edge and sustainable coating solutions, the company has revolutionised the landscape of coatings, proving that there’s so much more to coating than just colour on walls. It’s no wonder then that the company has cemented its position as ‘The Total Coatings Expert’ and a regional powerhouse in the coatings industry.

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