• Joshua Selvan: "Come to real estate if you are bored of being a robot and tired of putting all that effort with limited increment and growth. Real estate offers you time to do the things you love and to dictate your own pay cheques.”

It sometimes takes a simple act to inspire someone to dive into a profession, and in the case of Joshua Selvan, 37, it was buying a property.

Joshua was still not set on a career which he could call a passion when he had to buy a home. While dealing with the real estate negotiator (REN), he became curious about the buying and selling of property and the people who make it happen.

“I once bought a property from an agent who eventually ended up being my current leader. [Back then,] when she told me how much she made from a sale, I was shocked,” Joshua revealed.

Hooked, he then asked her how one could become an agent, and that started Joshua on his road to becoming a REN with Tech Real Estate Sdn Bhd.

Drawn by financial freedom and time flexibility

Like many in the real estate industry, Joshua’s career in this segment did not actually start out with a planned intention.

“During my younger days, I actually wished to become a professional. I liked numbers and science, and thought about being a chartered accountant. But when I was going through the course, I realised chartered accounting had very little to do with numbers, and I didn't really have the interest for it,” said Joshua.

However, like most ambitious young men, he also wanted a secure source of income and was willing to try out different lines of work.

“I have always liked money, [so then] I went into business doing everything from event management, to food and beverage, to multi-level marketing – well, pretty much anything that could give me a good income.

“[Eventually,] real estate provided me the golden opportunity to have control of my time and gives me the opportunity to make very high income. I guess that was the biggest reason for change into this industry – time and money,” Joshua explained.

He believes he is on the right track to his ultimate goal – “to retire before 50 and have financial freedom to travel and enjoy life”.

Tech Real Estate provides indispensable data

Before stepping into Tech Real Estate, Joshua said he scouted around a few real estate companies.

“Each company has its own pros and cons, be it in incentives or services provided. I wanted to start in the subsale market. Tech Real Estate proved to be the most suitable for my needs. The agency’s data has become an indispensable asset for me to grow to this point,” said Joshua.

Tech Realtors Properties (Tech Real Estate’s headquarters) signed a memorandum of understanding with EdgeProp last year to collaborate over digital innovations offered by the latter.

No pain, no gain

While Joshua heartily encourages aspirants to enter the industry, he makes no bones about its challenges.

“Come to real estate if you are bored of being a robot and tired of putting all that effort with limited increment and growth. Real estate offers you time to do the things you love and to dictate your own pay cheques.”

On the other hand, he warns against misconceptions that real estate is easy money and is simple.

“It isn't, it’s tough, but if you are prepared to brave the challenges, put in your effort and persevere through the difficulties, it's an industry that rewards with abundance.”  

Joshua also quashes the perceived disadvantage on being an Indian Malaysian in the field.  

My client base is diversified across Indians, Chinese, Malays and even foreigners. At the end of the day, if you give good service, no one pays attention to your skin tone. If your service is lousy, then yes, perhaps my clients will say Indian agents have problems.”

He does have his pet peeves though: “I really do not like agents who undercut, have no principles and do unethical things”.

Working hard towards higher goals

Believing that there is no replacement for hard work, Joshua is currently pursuing his Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification for self improvement.

Stating that his goal is to be “the No. 1 go-to negotiator” for all his clients, he said: “I want my clients to trust that I will take care of their best interest and get them the best deal possible for their portfolios, as well as build a name for myself as a dream home master within the Malaysian high-end property market.

“I see myself being the go-to specialist for my area of coverage as well as branching out more into commercial land, buildings and hotels. My aim is to be the agent you call when you want stuff done. It is my greatest wish that everyone will think of Joshua when they think of properties”.

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