City&Country: JB, Penang and KL will be star performers

The Lunar Year of the Wood Rabbit will bring good fortune to Johor Baru, Penang and Kuala Lumpur, according to feng shui readings by Joe Choo, president of the Malaysian Institute of Sciences (MINGS).

Peninsular Malaysia is divided into four elements according to the four points on a compass — east is Wood, west is Metal, south is Fire and north is Water. Each of these elements, when combined with the energy brought by the Wood Rabbit, will produce a specific energy/reaction as a result of the energy flow and interaction.

Choo expects JB’s popularity among investors to spike this year and ranks the city as the top performer in terms of economic and investment activity.

She attributes the positive outlook for the city to its location in the south and the direction’s corresponding element of fire. “JB will grow because Wood (Wood Rabbit year) produces Fire,” she explains.

The property market in the city will also do well. “JB will do well,” Choo observes. “The prices of shop lots there, especially, are moving up and going crazy. A lot of investors are buying property there.

“The implementation of the proposed high-speed rail project under the Economic Transformation Programme will boost property values in JB as well.”

Up north, Choo ranks Penang as the second-best investment growth hot spot after JB in 2011 as its location corresponds with the Water element. Water produces Wood, explains Choo. She believes that the property sector in Butterworth and the south of Penang island will see property values escalate with the completion of the second bridge connecting the mainland to the island.
Another island that Choo feels has great potential is Langkawi in Kedah. “It can be a vibrant property investment location, provided a bridge connects it to the mainland.”

In the west, Metal contrasts with Wood, resulting in a vibrant outcome. Hence Kuala Lumpur, third on Choo’s growth prospects ranking for 2011, can expect to see growth along with the 10 development projects proposed under the ETP, “provided the projects are built facing the Klang River”.

“If the river is at the back of the project, it will be treated like a drain,” she says, adding that existing buildings along the river can improve their performance by moving their entrances to face it.

The 10 hot spots are Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), the Tiong Nam area, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Masjid Jamek-Jalan Melayu, Merdeka Square-Dayabumi, Kampung Baru, Kampung Hujung Pasir-Jalan Ampang, Klang Bus Stand-Central Market, Little India and Brickfields Government Quarters.

Also assisting KL’s growth is the Titiwangsa mountain range, which continues to pour positive energy into the Klang Valley as energy flows from higher ground. The Titiwangsa range is the largest in the peninsula.

As for the East Coast, Wood “cancels out” Wood, hence there will be little or no growth in 2011 for the eastern states, says Choo. But things should pick up in 2012, she adds.


Predictions for the 12 zodiac animals in 2011

The year begins on good financial standing but there will be a slowdown after the first Chinese lunar month. Those born in 1948 will fare the best.

Nothing much to worry about as you will have guardian angels with you throughout the year to help you solve any problems you may encounter. The money luck of those born in 1985 is exceptionally good but those born in 1961 have to watch their health during the first and second Chinese lunar months.

This is a good year, better than the last, for the Tiger. Guardian angels stand by you throughout the year, money luck is good during the first Chinese lunar month, but after this period, finances will be slow. Thus, you must watch your expenses, especially while you are travelling. Among the Tigers, the luckiest are those born in the 1950s.

You will be given a special task or project to lead. Complete it without expecting any returns other than words of appreciation. For those born in 1975 and 1963, career luck is good and they will do well financially. It is a good year to upgrade yourself with new knowledge or skills.

It is a peaceful year, no major ups and downs. Your money luck is good during seventh Chinese lunar month.

You are very lucky, guardian angels always show up when you need help. Those born in 1977 will do well in their career and financially. Friends of the opposite sex will bring you opportunities. Money luck is good during the third Chinese lunar month.

The year starts with good news but you must pace yourself to ensure your energy lasts throughout the year. Whenever you have problems, remember to go back to your family as they will give you love and support. Those born in 1990 have travelling luck, but be careful. You will have extra financial gain in the fourth Chinese lunar month.

There are guardian angels around to help you. Just take up the special jobs or projects given to you and show your capabilities. Your career line is going upwards — though not  financially — it will make you happy. Life will be smoother after the fifth Chinese lunar month. Just focus on what you want to do.  

Your career is going on the up curve, but not financially.  Despite this, you will end your year with some celebration.  You can avoid financial problems if you have a plan to follow, especially while you are travelling. Those born in 1968 are going to pick up some new knowledge so do it at your own pace.  Your money luck is good during the seventh Chinese lunar month.

Good news comes to you one after the other. You may get a promotion and a good increment. You have guardian angels helping you in the beginning of the year while in the second half, you will have good financial income.  

The best year among the 12 animals in 2011. This is a good year to do long-term investments; avoid investing for the short term.

It may sound difficult to work and study at the same time, but go ahead and do it. There are plenty of guardian angels to lift you up. This will help elevate your career to a higher level. Those born in 1947 must take care when travelling during the first Chinese lunar month. Everything will be moving smoothly after the fourth month.

This article appeared in City & Country, the property pullout of The Edge Malaysia, Issue 844, Feb 7-13, 2011

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