Negri Sembilan’s higher bumiputera quota in new housing policy effective today

NEGRI SEMBILAN (June 5): The Negri Sembilan new housing policy, which among others include the raising of the bumiputera quota from 30% to 50%, is effective today.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said the policy also stipulates that 50% of houses in a particular project, must include affordable homes.

"This new policy will benefit all levels of society, including the public, developers and state government," he told a press conference.

He added that the state government's idea to increase bumiputera quota to 50% was to accommodate the large Malay and bumiputera population in the country.

"In addition, it is also to create a harmonious society in a residential area," he said.

He added that affordable homes was a topic often discussed by youths today.

"Youths have especially expressed their grouses on not being able to buy homes in our many surveys and research," he said.

He stressed that the policy was one that had to be immediately implemented.

Mohamad also pointed out that the state government also did not want to see a family living in a one-room low cost house.

"Therefore, in every new housing project, 50% must be affordable homes.

"We do not want developers to built houses that will only enable the public to see but can't afford to buy," he added.

He revealed that of the 50% of the affordable housing, 15% must be priced below RM80,000, another 15% below RM250,000 and 20% priced at RM400,000 and below.

"The other 50% of houses to be built can be priced at a value that is up to the developer," he said.

Mohamad said the house costing RM80,000 and below, must be in the form of landed property with an area of not less than 20 x 60 feet, or 800 square metres, and will not be given bumiputera discounts.

"This is because poverty knows no race, so anyone who is eligible will buy it at a price set by the developer," he said.

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