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Kitchen extension & renovation ideas for a house in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered about giving a new look to your kitchen? If you’re the type who cooks or bakes a lot, then it might just be the right time to upgrade your kitchen for a better cooking environment. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas for your home in Malaysia.


Sufficient storage space is needed for kitchenware. Modify the storage space of your kitchen by installing cabinets and cupboards that offer more compartments and space for your pots, pans and dishes. It’s a good idea to install the cupboards and cabinets together in one place to save space, at the same time allowing you to find items easily.


An island counter or an L-shaped counter can be used to separate the living room and the kitchen, at the same time allowing interaction with friends or family while you work on your special fruit cake. When you’re not cooking, a counter is also a good place for your kids to do their homework in an unenclosed space.

Sliding doors

One way to separate the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen is to install a glass sliding door to divide these two spaces. The glass door enables you to see what’s being cooked inside, yet it keeps the smell of food away from the living room. Sliding doors are space-saving, so you can obtain maximum space after a kitchen extension if you decide to do so.


While you’re thinking of a kitchen renovation for your home in Malaysia, make sure that there’s a great amount of light shining into the kitchen. One way to do this is to have larger or more windows to be built around the space. Natural lighting is especially useful when taking pictures of food too!

Kitchen backsplash

What’s expected for the kitchen backsplash is that it will always be covered in grease, especially if you cook often. Choose tiles that are easy to clean and do not trap grease and dirt, specifically those with a smooth surface and shallow gaps between each tile. You can find various designs of kitchen backsplash tiles in Malaysia, just keep in mind that you should be able to easily wipe grease off them.

Wine glass rack

A wine glass rack is a good decoration idea for your kitchen. It brings a classy feel to the kitchen, especially if you place it above the counter. While having a few drinks together with friends or relatives, it’ll be easy to just grab one glass off the rack as well.