Staying the course

For almost four decades, the Urban Development Authority, or UDA, has been the government’s flagship vehicle for the redevelopment of cities and towns in the country. Set up by the federal government in 1971, the national property development agency’s mission was to launch and undertake various urban development projects.UDA was incorporated in 1996 and became UDA Holdings Sdn Bhd.

SunCity beefs up office offering

Sunway City Bhd (SunCity), which first made its foray into property development two decades ago, has in recent years reinforced its reputation as an integrated property development player.

Green facts and tips

Award-winning scientist environmentalist Dr David Suzuki said: “We are in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone is arguing over where they are going to sit.” If this is so, and if we continue damaging our environment and the earth with the effects clearly showing, instead of focusing on consciously saving it, surely there would not be much left for our children?Imagine this — ev

Urban regeneration

The high intensity of human activity in cities around the world, brought about by rising urbanisation, spells a world that’s becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Planters’ Haven comes of age

Those of you who remember the popular TV show Dallas or the Oscar-winning movie Gone With The Wind will probably find some similarities between these and Planters’ Haven, Sime Darby Property Bhd’s exclusive gated residential development set in a mature orchard.The project was conceived in the 1990s, during the boom years of the property industry, when words like “green living” and “sustainabili

Zero-carbon living on Zira Island

Depending on who you ask, sustainable development may or may not be cool. While some will have no qualms about giving up long hot showers, a relaxing bubble soak or anything remotely trendy for fear of incurring the wrath of Mother Nature, there are those who remain oblivious to or uncaring about what could be in store for mankind.

Urban initiatives

We are seeing it everywhere around us — signs of global warming, warnings of depleting natural resources, shocking degradation of the environment and so on. It seems that every other day we read about one animal or other coming close to extinction. Being environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly urgent, in fact, essential for mankind’s survival.

Taking a page from tradition

When I was a child, it never dawned on me that the traditional Malay kampung house utilised sustainable products and technologies that could be ideal for modern tropical buildings. It is this humble abode that has been reinterpreted as Sime Darby’s Idea House.