11 signs of potential ‘nightmare’ tenants

tenantsRenting out a property for rental return may sound like the ideal situation for investors. However, renting your home to the wrong person could be a nightmare.

Here are some tips from real estate agents for a quick check to avoid ‘tenants from hell’:

1. Their breath smells of alcohol: This is an obvious sign of party goers or alcoholics.

2. They look messy and untidy: People who do not care for themselves won’t care for your house.

3. They smell like they haven’t bathed for days: If they can't take care of their own hygiene, don't expect them to keep your property clean.

4. They keep asking for a lower rent even before viewing the house: They may have financial problems and not be able to keep up with rental payments.

5. They arrive late without advance notice: People who do not have such simple courtesy may not have the same courtesy to look after your property.

6. They reveal that they have been jobless for a few years: Their ability to pay the rent is questionable. Do not take the risk.

7. They keep focusing on the negative: They complain about every part of your property. Since they do not like it, you can rent your house to people who will appreciate it.

8. They do not have the time to meet you: How can you rent your house to someone you have not met? If they do not have the time to see you, they may delay your rental payments too.

9. They aggressively criticise former landlords or housemates in front of you: If you rent your house to them, you will be the one they criticise next.

10. They plan to sub-rent your house to… students: They only want to make a profit and will not take care of your house.

11. They are bad pay masters: While viewing the house, they receive phone calls from creditors chasing for payment. This is a warning sign.

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