Pop-up markets: Makers & Co

Makers & Co was established to support budding artisan communities, focusing mainly on local arts and crafts. A big part of Makers & Co is to give back to communities by regularly inviting NGOs to come on board and introduce what they do to the public. The first big event was themed “Wonder Woman” which took place in March 2017 showcasing 40 women entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Makers & Co creates most of its pop-up markets based on themes, such as festive or holiday events; while for some, the motif is inspired by the locality of the pop-up, based on areas of interest in the vicinity of the chosen area.

“Among some of the themes we have successfully curated are Curious Crafts (All Crafty Products), Tukar Tangan (Preloved Market), Barang Baik (Collaboration with The One Academy), Art of Wellness (for International Yoga Day), MAD Showcase (MAD — Markets At Damansara) and the list goes on,” says the founder of Makers & Co, Paramjit Kaur.

“We have hosted over 700 vendors to date, including arts & crafts, fashion, accessories and more. We would like to believe that all their products are interesting especially if they are handmade or designed by the merchants themselves,” Paramjit notes.

Makers & Co has at least two or three markets a month at different venues. The event details are posted on their official Facebook and Instagram account — @makersandcomarket.

This report is part of the "Pop-up markets" segment in Live! 2019.

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