What is Dasar Komuniti Negara?

An initiative under the National Housing Policy (2.0) to improve the lives of PPR residents, formed by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, and supported by


•             Urgent need to do something about our PPR (Program Perumahan Rakyat) public housing

•             The living conditions of B40 groups at some of our public housing in Malaysia require attention and improvement

•             The negative mindset and behaviour of those in PPR communities

*National Housing Policy 2018-2025 aims to combat record property overhang


•             To change the mindset and behavior of people in PPR communities

•             To empower the community to take charge and be responsible for the proper maintenance of the place they stay and share

•             To create a sense of belonging and ownership in the community

•             To empower the community to love and care for their neighbours

•             To have meaningful social interaction among members

•             To learn to network and collaborate with the private sector and NGOs to build a resilient community

How is supporting the Dasar Komuniti Negara (DKN)?

Property portal is helping to facilitate the partnership between the public and private sectors to empower and improve the lives of the PPR residents. It also wanrts to raise awareness and educate the public about the policy and PPR needs through news coverage and other articles as well as a dedicated website on the DKN.  

The website provides a summary of DKN’s objectives, why it is needed and how people and companies can help. Related news about PPR and the DKN are also featured on the site.

Main clusters

The life of a PPR resident is daunting and filled with hardship. To make their lives better, the Ministry has formulated the DKN with eight clusters, as below.


1.            Infrastructure and maintenance

•             Facility maintenance training

•             Increasing the rate of fee payment

•             Induction programmes for new residents

•             Setting up house rules

•             Preparing holistic design infrastructure

•             Building management training

•             Well-maintained children’s playgrounds

•             Disabled-friendly infrastructure

2.            Cleanliness, environment and health

•             Individual cleanliness

•             Maintaining clean common areas

•             Proper waste management

•             Green environment

•             Communal farming and “from farm to table” programme

•             Proper maintenance of building, wiring, piping, etc

•             Efficient energy usage

•             3R Education and awareness campaigns

•             OKU friendly environment

•             Children friendly parks and environment

•             Healthy living awareness programmes

•             Health screening and health checks

•             Community clinics

3.  Safety

•             Crime reduction

•             Drug abuse reduction

•             Gangsterism reduction

•             Road safety

•             Fire safety

•             Water safety

•             Child safety

•             Child abuse reduction

•             Sexual harassment reduction

•             Reduction of any other harassment

4.            Education, awareness and skills

•             Language proficiency classes

•             Group tuition

•             Skills training

•             Skills upgrading

•             Leadership and management courses

•             Counselling

•             Mentoring

•             Educational camps

•             Field trips

•             Behavioural change programmes

•             Community library

5.            Caring for the needy, elderly, women, children and disabled

•             Intergenerational programmes and activities

•             Financial counselling for those in heavy debts

•             OKU programmes

•             Dialogues

•             Elderly women to teach younger women skills

•             Volunteers to have a day out with OKU

•             Life long learning programmes

•             Community support team

6.            Entrepreneurship and social business

•             Social business

•             Communal business

•             Digital marketing

•             Entrepreneurship training

•             Night market only open to community members

•             Create an eco-system for promotion, marketing, distribution, delivery, payment, etc.

•             Micro financing for startups

•             Bring in jobs from nearby factories for housewives

•             Create more jobs from home

•             Creating a market within the community

7.  Social services

•             Child care or baby sitting services – Anakmu Anakku Programme

•             Logistics services

•             Encouraging volunteerism amongst youths

•             Birthday parties

•             Festive programmes

•             Cultural shows and activities

•             Music jamming and singing competition

•             Car pooling

•             Catering services

•             Food bank services

8. Sports and recreation

•             Communal exercise

•             Inter-block games

•             Indoor and outdoor games competitions

•             Telematches

•             Youth outings

•             Women programmes

•             Youth Art Corner

•             Intercultural games

•             Community gardening

This story first appeared in the pullout on Feb 15, 2019. You can access back issues here.

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