Chef Wan: Wear black or walk naked, why would we care?

Posting a picture of Mahathir on Instagram with the words “He is not perfect, but he is limited Edition, he is Tun Mahathir,” Chef Wan wrote that while the government is not perfect, and while turning around the economy might not be quick after Umno rule, it was better than having a corrupt government that steals everything from its rakyat, and “that brings shame to Malay orang2 (sic) Melayu, Agama dan Negara!”

He alluded to the opposition-led “Black 905” campaign which encouraged Malaysians to wear black in protest of Harapan winning the last election, saying: “They can wear black, or walk naked, why do we care?”

He called for Malaysians who loved their country to be united, rebuild the nation and redeem our integrity. 

“We shouldn’t waste our time barking like dogs by the side of the road, riding motorcycles around, hanging out at coffee shops and speaking ill about other people’s business, but not earning a cent, or worse, earning illicit money from Umno to do ill unto others,” he wrote, 

He said that as a person who provided gainful employment to many Malaysians, he was contributing to the country. “So don’t come and tell me I don’t have the right to speak out for this country!”