PETALING JAYA (Dec 5): Jalan Sentul, already often choked up with traffic needs an upgrade to accommodate increases in traffic anticipated from several residential developments that are ongoing, say residents. 

The Star reports that residents want Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to undertake upgrading of the arterial road in Kuala Lumpur and have its traffic impact assessment reviewed.

“There were 12 new condominiums completed in the past four to five years and there are about 10 projects coming up in the next two years," said Social activist and Sentul resident Datuk VM Panjamorthy. 

“Let’s not forget about the development that has not started but is in the pipeline. But there is no upgrading done to Jalan Sentul.

“The density in Sentul is high and the road can no longer cope with the population."

House of Joycare founder Charlie Brown was quoted saying that the high volume of traffic led to poor road conditions.

“The roads are in a very bad condition and there are two construction projects going on near our home.

“It gets very dusty in dry weather because passing vehicles kick up the dust near the construction sites.

“Wet cement from the cement trucks sometimes spill onto the road, causing it to be uneven after the cement chunks dry.

“It is a hazard for motorcyclists like me who frequently use Jalan Sentul."

A DBKL spokesman was reported as saying that residents should discuss the matter with the manager at DBKL’s Batu branch in order to find a long-term solution.

“Any changes in traffic require extensive studies as they must not impact other roads in the vicinity,” he said.

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