Hindu temples closed during solar eclipse yesterday

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 27): In keeping with tradition, Hindu temples in the country remained closed during the hours of the annular solar eclipse yesterday.

“In Malaysia, the time of the eclipse was from 11.15am to 3.11pm. Thus, the noon prayers in the temples were put on hold,” said Malaysia Hindhudhrama Maamandram president Sri Radhakrishan Alagamalai.

After the eclipse, the temples conducted a cleaning ritual and opened for devotees, he told Bernama.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temples, where the deity is placed, is kept locked in the belief that any negative energy of the eclipse does not affect the positive energy within, he said.

Meanwhile, Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple secretary Sethu Pathy Cumarasamy said all rituals at the Batu Caves temple were halted from 11am to 4pm.

During the annular solar eclipse as witnessed yesterday, the moon fully covers the sun’s centre and the visible outer edge appears like a ring of fire. It occurred at 1.21pm.

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