Malaysians are now under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) where Covid-19-related restrictions have been relaxed nationwide. People are making a beeline to their favourite eateries, resuming work in offices while others continue working from home. Physical distancing, face masks and other preventive measures have become the new order of the day but there is still a risk of infection wherever we are, even at home.

Viruses in action

A typical mode of infection is via droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These viral droplets can also adhere to objects or surfaces and then introduced into the body via the eyes, nose and mouth when a person comes into contact with them.

Consider this. Food storage containers, bank notes, glassware, clothing and now face masks. We handle most of these items on a daily basis, but did you know, the viruses for instance, can still be lurking on these surfaces after a period of time?

And it is not as short as one may think despite a lack of biological host for the virus to adhere to.

A study by The Lancet Microbe revealed that the viruses can last up to seven days on the aforementioned objects/surfaces and more.

Additionally, transmissions of the virus can happen during a conversation – even when people are standing a certain distance apart.

“We produce them (tiny droplets containing viruses) when we talk loudly or breathe heavily. People around us inhale them, and that’s how the virus spreads,” according to the Japanese Association of Infectious Diseases.

Meanwhile, in a research conducted by the Kyoto Institute of Technology, micro-droplets (from a single cough) can remain suspended in the air inside an enclosed and airtight space the size of a classroom after about 20 minutes.

So then what do we do? Ensuring adequate and constant ventilation (open all windows for instance) would allow these droplets to disperse easily. However, given Malaysia’s warm and humid weather conditions, we tend to prefer to stay indoors, keep windows closed and have the air-conditioning switched on to ensure comfort.

It could therefore be a wise decision to invest in an air-conditioning that could also purify the air and protect one from viruses and other harmful pathogens.

A solution that keeps viruses at bay

nanoeTM X, the original ionizer to generate “nano-sized atomized water particles” is developed by Panasonic. It is an electrostatic atomization technology, that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high voltage to it to produce “hydroxyl radicals contained in water”. The decisive factor is the existence of hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) inside nanoeTM X.

nanoeTM X can be found on a wide range of Panasonic home appliances from air-conditioners to the air-e generator. When it comes to air-conditioning, the much improved nanoe™ X original technology found on Panasonic’s nanoe™ Xair-conditioners contains 10 times (about 4.8 trillion per sec) the hydroxyl radicals of nanoe™.

The improved nanoe™ X can inhibit airborne and adhered viruses by utilising the hydroxyl radicals to take away the hydrogen from protein or lipid of biologically-derived viruses.

nanoe™ X is able to inhibit five types of pollutants — bacteria & viruses, mould, allergens, pollen and hazardous substances. Besides working to inhibit surface-level pollutants, nanoeTM X penetrate deep into materials such as fabric for a thorough suppression of contaminants.

Besides getting rid of allergens and particles in the air, nanoeTM X also deodorises and maintains moisture in skin and hair. nanoeTM X combines with the natural sebum to coat the skin to stop moisture from evaporating — leading to a smooth and well-hydrated skin. The same applies to hair, helping it to maintain its moisture balance for a straighter, smoother hair.

nanoe™ X particles are enveloped with water to ensure a longer lifespan (up to 10 minutes) than conventional ions (around 1.5 minutes). Better yet, the unique design of the nanoe™ X generator requires no maintenance.

What more, air-conditioners with nanoeTM X can be switched to air purifier mode without the cooling operation, thus consuming only about 25W per hour of electricity.

Indeed, Panasonic’s nanoe™ X air conditioners adopt the inverter technology which reduces power consumption and the usage of energy efficient and low global warming potential R32 refrigerant which helps users to maximise savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

Thus, having cool and healthy air while providing round-the-clock protection for you and your loved ones do not have to be a hassle, or cost an arm and leg while remaining environmental-friendly.

Convenience at your fingertips

Can’t reach the remote? You can manage and monitor your Panasonic air-conditioner or multiple air-conditioning units (up to a whopping 200 units!) from just your smart device with the Panasonic Comfort Cloud application.

Users can remotely access all of the air-conditioning features with the Panasonic Comfort Cloud Application including the nanoeTM X air purification mode and pre-cool spaces.

The app also offers energy usage patterns and history for better budget planning.

Users can connect their virtual personal assistants (VPA) with the Comfort Cloud app for a contactless way of operating their air-conditioners via voice commands. This feature is especially ideal in light of the Covid-19 pandemic to minimise touching. Switch the air conditioner on or off, adjust mode, temperature and more with just your voice. Now here’s convenience at your command anytime, anywhere.

A pleasure doing business with clean and healthy air

In this new normal, where businesses are resuming operations with air-conditioners cranked at full blast during the day, customers can rest assured that the air-conditioners equipped with nanoe™ X provides cool and breezy air, while mitigating the spread of viruses and other contaminants. And it doesn’t stop there.

After hours, the air-conditioner can still provide adequate clean air by switching to nanoe™ X purification mode minus the cooling function.

And there you have it, 24 hours of active protection; ensuring the next business day begins with a healthy dose of clean and fresh air for you and your customers.

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been more cognisant of indoor air quality issues and with the  nanoe™ X original technology, we now know that we can breathe in clean air in a cool and comfortable environment.

Don’t wait! Protect yourself and your family with the nanoe™ X air-conditioning system today and say yes to healthy indoor air quality!

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This story first appeared in the e-Pub on Aug  7, 2020. You can access back issues here.

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